Monday, January 27, 2014

Idhu oru nila kalam ..!

Long time desire to sing this song especially for Janumma modulation.Recently found this track, not much satisfied but still rendered with the speed of the track :D

Pardon me for the Knoc(ku) out portions :D

Naathrunanan j;ldkjf;djg;lkfg;lk :D

Song : Idhu oru nila kaalam
Movie: Tik tik tik
Music: Maestro Ilayaraja(future-Bharatha Ratna)
Lyrics: Padmabhushan Vairamuthu ( View Lyrics )
Singer: S.Janaki ( No Award is near her :))
Cover : Sowmya
Chorus : Sowmya 


Anonymous said...

Excellent voice modulation mam I belived janumaa only singing.....

Anonymous said...

Actually am vishupriya mam

Sowmya said...

:D Thanks a lot Vishnupriya, Never expected this kind of comment from you :D .....Thanks again :)