Saturday, July 07, 2007

Aagaaya Gangai ...!

Its truly a joyful occasion to express my extreme happiness about Isaigyani through my blog. Raja’s music is my constant companion in life. I love to sing songs composed by Illayaraja. I have the strong belief that one can improve one's singing capability by singing the songs composed by Illayaraja. He had created an astounding environment with his music and made people to feel truly about his competence and the excellence he'd should in his music.

Particularly this song “Aagaya Gangai “,Ilaiyaraaja has given Madhyamavathi in quite pure form. He even tried to give this song with rare combination of voice of Malaysia vasudevan with Janaki.

Mr.Sukumar, who is a chemical Engineer from Egypt has joined me in this song. This is his first song with me. He is very passionate towards music and I am very happy to introduce him to this audio blog world. Hope you all enjoy !

Song : Aagaya gangai
Movie: Dharmayutham
Music: Mastero Ilayaraja
Lyrics: M.G.Vallaban (View Lyrics)
originally sung by : S.janaki & Malaysia Vasudevan
Performed by : Sowmya & Sukumar

aagaya gangai | Musicians Available


Thiru said...

wow excellent... a nice job Mr. Sukumar and sowmya. You have given the emotions so well in your voice sowmya. overall a good performance.

KB said...

Gr8 job by both of u... my fav song - very well rendered :-)

PPattian said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Just came here out of curiosity and My God.. some lovely songs. I have bookmarked your blog.

I feel your voice has resemblance to one of my favorite singers MinMini. I am not sure if anyone has told you this before. Keep up the good work.

Harshan said...

Great job Sowmya and Sreekumar....Sowmya you have sung this with lot of feelings ... :-)I am not familiar with the song though ..

Also this song showcases your vocal ranges ....keep it up.

shree said...

it is lovely .you have such a beautiful voice.may HE bless you dear.

Anonymous said...

Th singing is very good. Hope the karaoke had a lot sync problems in the interludes.

Naveen said...

WOW such a beautiful song. Excellent singing. Liked the bhavam very much.
Claps for you both. I should appreciate your regular posting which I couldn't due to busy office schedules. Will join quick.Cheers

TC Ratnapuri said...

Great job both of you. Thanks for dusting and bringing out this old jem. Enjoyed it a lot.

Sowmya said...

hi thiru,

Thanks for ur appreciation.


hi kb,

Welcome. thanks a lot :)

Sowmya said...

hello pattian,

Thanks for ur appreciation :)


hey harshan,

thank u so much for the support :)

Sowmya said...

hi shree,

Thanks for ur kind words :)


hey shreekanth,

yeah, k track is not so good. but crazy abt this song. so i was not so particular abt the k track. hope u like it half. thanks :)

Sowmya said...

hey naveen,

Welcome. long time no see. thanks :)


hi TCR,

Thanks for the encouragement :)

Awatts said...

One of my all time favs...I had this in the list of songs to be sung...I have a better K version of this one..let me know if you need that...good going both of you..

Sri said...

Hello Sowmya and Sukumar enjoyed it well. good flow... and also great voice both of you. Thanks

Sowmya said...

hi awatts,

Thats nice of you. you totally stopped updating your blog.why?
Thanks for the appreciation. :)

Sowmya said...

hi sri,

Welcome. keep visiting.

R.Sukumar said...

dear thiru,kb,pp,sree,naveen,awats,ratnapuri,and sreekanth..its very nice experience to see all of your comments..thnks a lot.. special thanks to sowmya who given this opportunity to sing in her blog.hope we do more songs together.thnks friends.and another invit for all of you..kindly visit my video channel in youtube in the following thanks a lot.reagrds R.Sukumar (known as r_s_kathir)

Arunk said...

very nice. Just ran into your blog and it is so nice. This song is indeed a blast from the pas.

BTW, how do you guys get all the elaborate backgrounds for the songs? Karaoke or programming some synthesizer (sorry i am naive in that area).

I liked the fact that Sukumar's voice seemed to be the same type as Malaysia's :) If I may leave one small, constructive criticism for Sukumar - please try to focus more on differentiating ள from ல.


Sowmya said...

hi arun,

Welcome.Thank you so much for the comments in detail.Some karokes , I get it from shops and some I do it myself.keep visiting :)

R.Sukumar said...

Dear Mr.Arun

thanks a lot for listening our song and thaks a ton for your comments..i did not get your point exactly..there s some font pbm.sowmya u got the point..plz let me know..thanks again fr all of your comments friends.

balar said...

Good work Sowmya and Sukumar. Thanks for bringing IR's ever green song.

Sowmya said...

hey balar,

thank you so much.keep visiting :)

Arunk said...

hi sukumar, I meant difference between the la in vengalam (brass) and the la in mangalam (auspicousness)

If I may suggest this (you probably know this and so I feel a bit uncomfortable):
For the first one, your tongue I believe touches near the edge of the roof of your mouth just above your front teeth. For the latter, the tongue folds a bit to reach the middle of the roof of your mouth. But not so much as it goes all the way back as that it would result in zha as in pazham.

R.Sukumar said...

thnks arun..i do agree tht my mistake...i will try to correct it in my next songs...regards

Jenni said...

Both of you have done a very nice job.
Keep it up :)

zeppelin said...

sowmya - kalakitteenga...very nice rendition... listened to some of the other songs as well... really nice!

Sowmya said...

hey zeppelin..:) :P

vanga !

thanks for ur feedback :)

kalakiteenganu sonnathum vayiru kalangiducho nu nenachen :P

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, both of you.

The track is not very good, and Sowmya, I don't think you have used your husky voice as well as you did in 'Hari Om Hari'.

Do try it again, but only with a better track.