Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ethetho Ennam valarthen

One of the great composition of Ilayaraja, in the raaga "pahadi", which is all time favt song of mine.Its a real challenge to render this song.I just love that.K.S.Chitra elegantly sang this song and this was the turning point in her career.This is the song, which
I heard more than 100 times at a streach, during my school days, in my new tape recorder.This song motivated me much to sang film music other than classic during that time.

The track is very bad and I couldn't find a better track. Somewhat managed to do the mixing.Plz bear with the track and mixing.Like to learn more voice control which is a very big challenge for me to render this type of song.

Plz listen to it and give me your feedback !

Song : Ethetho ennam..
Movie : Punnagai Mannan
Music : Ilyaraja
Original : K.S.Chitra
Cover: Sowmya


Vajra Krishna said...


For the past few months I have been avidly researching/collecting ragas for very contemporary film music. The interest had always been there, but what made me take action was after seeing Rahman win the Oscars for his music. I then realised that the attention of the west is going to be on Indian music, particularly on south indian music, and I felt that it was pivotal at this time to establish a website where the ancient heritage of this music be made available to them by first definining the ragas for very contemporary tamil music that uses the pallatable sounds appreciated on an international level. To this effect, I began collecting, and in the process discovered blog. I notice your own passion to make carnatic ragas and interest in ragas available to the modern generation. So far I have collected Ragas for around 500 songs (And since I am very much a beginner in identifying ragas, I have been relying on the experts and their defintions).

However, even the experts often contradict each other, so I do an enormous amount of research at any time where I notice a contradiction in order to discover what the actual raga for a given song may be. Your blog has been a godsend and a fountain of information in this regard.

The reason for writing to you now is to ask for your collaboration on my little project. There are some songs that I am passionate about that are very contemporary to which there is no information about their ragas. As a starting point, I have put the first 108 that came to mind on a blog, (along with the audio of the song), for experts to take a listen and identify their ragas. Using this information, I would then set up a website where people from any country can come and become introduced to Indian film music, ragas - and finally to the carnatic renditions of the ragas themselves. I humbly request your assistance.

The webblog where I have posted 108 songs with audio is:

I would be happy to share the 500 songs to which I have already collected raga names with you. Besides, I would very much appreciate your confirmation if my information is correct.

With best regards,
Vajra Krishna.

Venu said...

nice singing sowmyaji, unga song selection very superb!!!!!!!!!

Sowmya said...

Vajra krishna : Will look into it. Thanks :)

Venu : Thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

sowmya ....
i was realy listening to this song soo many times this day..i was delight to see ur information on i tried to play the song in my flute i was very confused wat ragas gift is this beautiful song then i was a little sad as i thought thi song does not belong to any raaga... thankyou sister for making me know wat raga is this.. il research on it... wel im listening to ur voice right now.. nice .. but i feel for a great song like this it would be enough if u set a backround with a sruthi and simply sing puting all the trust in your voice expression... i love the song soo much.... thanks sister

raja sir is great
vinothan john

Sowmya said...

Thanks much Vinothan :)