Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Kuch na kaho

The slow tune is once again delightfully intertwined with the R.D. Burman touch in a violin orchestrated tune that is a must listen to put it lightly. Lata Mangeshkar out do all of them in a tune where she sounds like she has sung twenty years prior to the original release of the album. Her rendition reaches the heights that Javed Akhtar has hoped for when penning the album, clearly.Just had a thought to sing this number purely on lata ji’s voice magic on this song even at her old age.

Song : Kuch na kaho
Movie: 1942 A love story
Music: RD Burman
Lyrics : Javed Akthar (View Lyrics)
Original singer : Lata Mangeshkar
Cover : Sowmya


Yaadhum Aanavan said...

kya kehena hai? buss ek tum ho.. to reproduce this number, beautifully...

nalla range and sustain kee kee..sooper...kalakalls

Sowmya said...

:) Thank you so much for the kindness Yadhum aanavan :)