Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hari Ohm Hari !


A Robust voice, which has rendered innumerable songs in English and other languages can be none other's than Usha Uthup. She has a unique place in the musical firmament today. She has elevated night club singing imparting it a sense of dignity. She creates a certain magic on stage and with the audience right from the word go. She makes them jive to her renditions - be they English, Hindi or in other languages.

Actually I was very new to this song and this song resembles few tamil songs” Kaamanukku Kaman”, “Unnai Azhaithathu pen”. I have enjoyed singing this kind of peppy numbers.

ShreeHarshan Nambiar asked me to do this song a month back and he also sent me track. Thanks a ton, Harshan for the lovely track .

I have included my own prelude with this rendition. And I tried my level best to do justice to this song. Feel free to comment . Looking forward !

Song: Hari ohm hari
Movie: Pyara Dhushman
Music: Bappi Lahiri
Original : Usha Uthup
Cover: Sowmya

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poove poochoodava !!

One of the chitra’s song, based on the raaga Abheri which moved me a lot. I was waited for a right track to render this master piece. Hope you all enjoy listening to it. Feel free to give your valuable feedback.

Movie: Poove poochudava
Song : Poove poochoodava
Music: Ilayaraja
Orginal: K.S.Chitra
Cover: Sowmya

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ethetho Ennam valarthen

One of the great composition of Ilayaraja, in the raaga "pahadi", which is all time favt song of mine.Its a real challenge to render this song.I just love that.K.S.Chitra elegantly sang this song and this was the turning point in her career.This is the song, which
I heard more than 100 times at a streach, during my school days, in my new tape recorder.This song motivated me much to sang film music other than classic during that time.

The track is very bad and I couldn't find a better track. Somewhat managed to do the mixing.Plz bear with the track and mixing.Like to learn more voice control which is a very big challenge for me to render this type of song.

Plz listen to it and give me your feedback !

Song : Ethetho ennam..
Movie : Punnagai Mannan
Music : Ilyaraja
Original : K.S.Chitra
Cover: Sowmya