Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dole dole !

Dole dole is a sensuous duet song. Suchitra's voice is very catchy while Ranjith tries hard to keep pace with her. The excellent use of violin and sitar in the interludes gives a good feel. Manisharma has come up with stylish and peppy numbers for Pokiri. He has retained some of his tunes in the original version for the Tamil remake.
I always have a special feel to sing a song which has western touch. I tried my level best with this song. Let me know your feedback. 

Song : Dole dole
Movie: Pokkiri
Music: Mani sharma
Originally sung by : Suchithra & Ranjith
Sung by : Sowmya


Nemits said...

Oh my god! I never imagine you could sing this song with the same voice like Suchitra... Great try and wonderful listening too. Keep try different songs like this one. Best Wishes!

Harshan said...

A-W-E-S-O-M-E ...excellent feel throughout !!

sk said...

Just AWESOME!!! In fact on seeing the latest song on ur audio blog is this song, i honestly didn't expect u to sing it SO SO WELL!!! :) said...

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Itz me!!! said...

great attempt!!!

Srikanth said...

Your voice feels original. Well tried.

venu_frm _cbe said...

Really great & excellent sowmyaji.

same as suchithra's voice !!!!

Naveen said...

Woow... that was a great singing with nice modulation. This is very difficult to sing without exaggerations. Mixing is super..
Great Job...

TC Ratnapuri said...

Wow, great going. Very very diff from your previous song and you have done an incredible job with this song in all aspects.

Vishal said...

Wow ...That was something different ..Didn't recognize it's you ..great voice modulation ! :-) ..

BTW, please include me in your blog updates :-)..


Sowmya said...


Nemits,Harshan, Sk,Its me, Venu,Naveen, TCR, Vishal

Thank you so much for your valuable comments and the time u spent to write the feedback. :)

Maha said...

hi Sowmya,the song was so fabulous..great..awesome..just loved it..Keep going..but try to modulate your voice a little more thinner n sweeter for the melodious songs you've sung..and one favour,can you record Thesulavuthe and put it up??..Love to hear that from you..Do consider it..

Kittu said...

Hi Sowmya,
Happened to hear ur song google searching for Dole Dole song :)
Nice song, Good voice. Will definitely hear ur other songs.
Infact, we(Me & my husband) have tried the same song and posted in our blog. We have sung so many karoeke songs and it's all in our blog . Check it if u got time.
Keep singing ! Best of luck !

Sowmya said...

hi maha..

Thanks for the elaborate comments !

I will try that song, after i get the track :)


Hi kittu (mama & Mami)

Once i visited your blog and gave my comments too :)

Thanks for visiting my blog !