Monday, January 26, 2009

Paadu Nilaave

Ilayaraja, the legend beyond awards and titles, has given many ever green melodies and one of it is “paadu nilave” Listening to Raja’s composition in the nights is very addictive and at times it kindles your old memories as well. I can say, this song inspired me that much to start singing cini song in my childhood. A nostalgic presentation by S.Janaki and SPB.

Its a overwhelming opportunity to perform this song with the magical voice Arvind, who is very passionate in music and I astonished to see his swara gnyanam , writing swaras swiftly to any song. It’s a immense pleasure to sing with him. Thanks a lot Arvind ! for your dedicated contribution.

Hope you all listen to this rendition and gimme the feedback

Song: Paadu nilave
Movie: Udhaya geetham
Music: Mastero Ilayaraja
Originally sung by : SPB & S.Janaki
Lyrics:Vaali (View Lyrics)
Cover Version : Arvind & Sowmya

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dilamo dilamo !!

One of the Item number song from the movie “Dishyum” by Vijay Antony, who has given latest hits like “ Naaku mooka” The specialty of this song is the diction. It was done awesomely ,with mispronunciation of tamil words .lol and the special appreciation goes to the lyricist and the female singer.
I should be greatful to Mr.Ganesh, who has done a very good job in this song. Thank you ganesh, for the wonderful singing as well asthe mixing.

Song: Dilemma dilemma
Movie: Dishyum
Music: Vijay Antony
Lyrics : ?????? ( View Lyrics)
Originally sung by : Sangeetha , Rajeshwaran, Vijay Antony
Singers: Sowmya, Ganesh