Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ding dong kovil mani !

Vidyasagar - One of the striking characteristics of his career has been that he sticks to quality of music in his own way, the kind of music he believes in, irrespective of the people involved in a particular project and their popularity. Madhu Balakrishnan had sung a few numbers in Tamil and I have always wondered why he does not have many offers in Tamil Industry. His voice has a natural, flawless melodious tone to it that absolutely works for composers with great flair for melody like Illaiyaraja and Vidyasagar.
This song “Ding dong “ from the movie Jee is very soft and soulful number whose cadence are brilliantly accentuated by the singers. The instrumentation is also very apt. This song is the only relieving feature of a complete failure movie

I rendered this song with my friend Ganesh Ram, who has a distinct voice. I have great privilege and pleasure to introduce him to this blog world. I would like to thank him for this wonderful rendition and the time he spent for sound mixing. Hope you all enjoy this song. Let me know your feedback.
Song : Ding dong koyil

Movie : Ji
Music : Vidyasagar
Originally rendered by : Madhu Balakrishnan, Madhusree
Performed by : Ganesh Ram,

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dole dole !

Dole dole is a sensuous duet song. Suchitra's voice is very catchy while Ranjith tries hard to keep pace with her. The excellent use of violin and sitar in the interludes gives a good feel. Manisharma has come up with stylish and peppy numbers for Pokiri. He has retained some of his tunes in the original version for the Tamil remake.
I always have a special feel to sing a song which has western touch. I tried my level best with this song. Let me know your feedback. 

Song : Dole dole
Movie: Pokkiri
Music: Mani sharma
Originally sung by : Suchithra & Ranjith
Sung by : Sowmya

Monday, November 26, 2007

kaatrin mozhi !!

Silence is golden and Speech is silver – The musical score of Mozhi conveys that and more– in fact, it illustrates the beauty and sheer magic and poetry that silence invokes, and the melody and music and wonder that lie embedded deep in the sounds of silence…

A refreshingly beautiful and melodious offering from Vidyasagar and Vairamuthu. Vidyasagar has given us eight remarkable musical compositions – reinforcing the belief that he is amongst one of the most talented composers that South India has produced in recent times! Vairamuthu’s lyrical prowess is again at its peak and his poetry in most of the songs is sheer magic indeed! He excels in this song as he describes the presence of sound and language in all nature, life, love and humanity and eloquently weaves his metaphors throughout the song.
The crowning glory of the album sung by Sujatha who croons her way into our heart. so as, Balaram. Soul stirring prelude and impressive rendering by Sujatha. Like a refreshing shower in hot scorching summer, this song is a musical treat and relief for melody lovers. With Raja not signing many films nowadays, Vidyasagar promptly tries to fill his place by churning out such soulful melodies.

I tried my best to perform this song.Let me know, how you feel !
Naveen, Thanks for the effort and the concern to modify my voice track with the karoke.

Song : Kaatrin mozhi
Movie : Mozhi
Lyrics: Vairamuthu (View Lyrics)
Music: Vidyasagar
Originally sung by : Sujatha
Performed by : Sowmya

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pesa koodathu !

One of the best song from Ilayaraja. This song released two decades before and still popular. Very unique composition with various bends and hikes .Raja handled the saranams completely different from its pallavi. SPB has done a tremendous presentation with his own flow of voice. This song is very much suitable to P.Suseela’s voice and little bit tough for me to reach the higher notes with that scale.

I tried my best to perform this song “ Pesa koodathu” with Aravind. He has done a very good job, even he met with some illness. Hope you like this song. And Let me know your comments !

Song: Pesa Koodathu
Movie: Adutha Vaarisu (1983)
Music: Illayaraja
Lyrics: Panju Arunachalam (View lyrics)
Originally sung by : S.P.Balasubramaniam & P.Susheela
Sung by : Aravind & Sowmya

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Jane do na !!

A musical piece boasting of numerous instruments coming together is created that is an extremely pleasant hear and turns out to be quite comfortable on ears. This can be possible only with the legend Ilaiyaraaja. He had taken kollywood stuff to bollywood and ends up creating an amazing album. With the songs in the movie “cheeni kum”, raja presented some mixture of 80s tamil songs “Vizhiliye mani vizhiyile “ , “ manram vantha thendralukku” with a tiny, but lovely differences in the BGM. In Jane do na, Shreya Ghoshal's shimmering and feminine vocals get into the act positively and collage well with its situational musical feel. I tried my level in this song. Let me know your opinion.

Song: Jane do na
Movie: Cheeni kum
Music: Ilayaraja
Originally sung by : Shraya Goshal
Lyrics : Sameer (View Lyrics)
Sung by : Sowmya

Jane do na (Cheeni kum) | Music Codes

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chanakya chanakya

One of the nicest tune from deva. (May be (?) , a copy of any western song? :P ) Really, terrific to note that the lyricist (???) used the name of a rajathandri "Chanakya" to imply the cleverness of the hero.

Catchy tune in the unique voice of sadhana sargam. Hope you enjoy this song in my voice too.

Song: Chanakya Chanakya
Movie: Dhum
Music : Deva
Originally sung by : Sadhana sargam
Sung by : Sowmya

View lyrics

Monday, October 01, 2007

A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and his Nation !

Hey ram !

First of all,I would like to dedicate this song to Mahatma Gandhi on his jayanthi. This song sung by Vaani jayaram who has a sweet and distinct voice. The modulations are too good in her voice. Hope you like it !

Movie: Shankarabaranam
Music: K.V.Mahadevan
Originally sung by : Vaani jeyaram
Lyrics : Bhaktha Ramadas (View Lyrics)
Performed by : Sowmya

ethi ruga | Online Karaoke

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Aalolankili thoppile ..!

Ilayaraja’s contribution to Indian cinema and more so Tamil World is incomparable. Ilayaraja in my opinion is the most complete Musician that Tamil Cinema ever saw with his range of genres as wide as the Pacific.I am a great fan of Illayaraja not because i brought up with his songs, his music always makes the listener fresh. This song “Alolankili thoppile…” is one of the wonderful melody with great lyrics(?).Especially the flute piece by Arunmozhi take the song to the high spirit.

This is my second song with Murali venkatraman. Thank you murali, for the karoke track as well as for the good mixing.

Song: Alolankili thoppiley..
Movie: Siraisalai
Music: Ilayaraja
Lyrics : ??????? Wow...thats Vaali (View Lyrics)
Originally sung by : SPB & Chitra
Performed by : Sowmya & Murali venkatraman

Aalolangili thoppile | Music Codes

Sunday, August 19, 2007

ilankaathu veesuthey ...!

Wow ! what a Composition !! I consider he is a man beyond these awards and titles. As every one know, this is also one wonderful song among , some 3500 songs composed by Illayaraja. The song is penned by palani bharathi.The lines are very simple that even a common man could understand and effective.The orchestarion of the song is excellent in the BGM .The sound of the flute in the beginning and at the end of the song with the tune of the song pleases the ears. Actually the song was sung by Sriram parthasarathy and shreya goshal. But I like to sing the whole song, because I love to sing this song fully. I enjoyed singing this song. Like to know your opinions too.

Song: Ilankaathu veesuthey
Movie: Pithamagan
Music: Mastero Ilayaraja
Lyric: Pazhani Bharathi (View Lyrics)
Originally sung by : Sriram Parthasarathy & Sheraya Goshal
Sung by : Sowmya

ilankaathu veesuthey | Musicians Available

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Malare Mounama !

Vidyasagar who is very successful with all his telugu and Malayalam films, recognized by the tamil audience after a long time. In Kerala film circles, he is being hailed as the 'Rahman of Malayalam cinema’.He has done a a great job with this song malare mounama.

The pace of the song is excellent, with nice variations in every line by both SPB and SJanaki. The entire song has a brilliant romantic feel to it, not too loud and very soothing (except for loud beats at some places). Again, some nice use of pauses towards the end of each stanza.

I am very pleased to sing this song with Murali venkatraman, of Manappathivu blog. He has composed many tunes and passionate to sing melodious songs. Thank you murali for your contribution and for the very good mixing.Hope you will enjoy !

Song : malarae mounamA
Film : Karna (1995)
Music : Vidyasagar
Lyrics : Vairamuthu (View Lyrics)
Originally sung by : S.P.Balasubramanyam & S.Janaki
Sung by : Murali Venkatraman & Sowmya

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Innisai paadi varum ..!

Starting with the super hit Pudhu Vasantham,
S.A.Rajkumar has delivered few more hits
like Thulladha Manamum Thullum,Unnaidathil
Ennai Koduthen and Suryavamsam. However,
the rest of his songs are full of his copies and
remixes of his own tunes as well as that of
other musicians. His style is to make slow
(sometimes morose) soft but repetitive songs
and to repeat one such song many times in the
film,to try and make it a hit. But all the songs
in this movie Thullatha manamum thullum
are great tunes.

Especially this “ Innisai padi varum" song and “irubathu
kodi nilavugal” are wonderful to hear.I tried my best to perform this song well. Chitra is marvelous :-)

Song : Innisai paadi varum
Movie : Thullatha manamum thullum
Music: S.A.Rajkumar
Lyrics: Vairamuthu (View Lyrics)
Originally sung by : K.S.Chitra
Sung by : Sowmya

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Hey ! padal ondru...

The Film Priya (1979) happened to be a turning point in the musical career of Ilayaraja. That was the first film to have introduced the stereophonic sound system in entire India. In Bombay there was already a form of stereo system. But was not in its true form. They used to record into mono system and convert into stereo system. More and more gems bearing unheard of novelty were introduced after that trial.

This song “hey paadal ondru” is in the raga kaapi. Whenever , I hear the song, I feel like floating. ”summa Jivvunu..” lol. Mr.Sukumar has a apt voice to suit this song. He put lot of effort to complete this song in his busy schedule. I must thank him for the effort he took to finish of the song with lot of pester from my side.

Hope you enjoy this duet.

Song: Hey paadal ondru
Movie: Priya
Music: Maestro Ilayaraja
Lyrics: Panchu arunachalam (View Lyrics)
Originally sung by: S.Janaki & K.J.Jesudas
Performed by : Sowmya & Sukumar

Hey..paadal ondru - with Sukumar Rajendran - 2007 old recording ! | Musicians Available

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jaadu hai nasha hai ...!

A very talented person who is not very popular untill 2000. “Tu Mile.. Dil Khile” from the movie criminal, is the launching pad for M.M.Kareem. He has done an excellent work in this particular song that makes you believe that a new star has born.

This song Jadu Hai Nasha,the notes and the beats makes the impression that it tells the height of imagination. I am sure, if any other Music director dealt with this song, he would have made it a jazzy item number. But M.M.Kareem made this song live forever. A genius music composer, every times proves his abilities, when he is used. Still there is much more to come from him. Hope you enjoy this song.

Song : Jaadu hai nasha
Movie : Jism
Music : M.M. Kareem
Lyrics : Sayeed Quadri & Neelesh Misra (view lyrics)
Originally sung by : shreya goshal
Performed by : Sowmya

Jaadu hai nasha | Upload Music

Friday, July 13, 2007

San sanana..

Anu Malik - the most successful composer since Baazigar. But he became dull after he lost his originality. The beginning of this song “San sanana nana “ sounds a lot like Rahman’s tunes from Rangeela, especially the musical piece, the Spirit of Rangeela. Alka Yagnik does a great job in infusing life into this song, which is appealing by the music itself.

This song is about a girl's desire for a perfect groom and makes for a good listening. Anand Bakshi is the guest lyricist for this particular song. I just heard this song for very few times and got fascinated. The voice clarity of alka yagnik prepared me to sing this song. Tell me whether, I did the pronunciation accurately.

Movie :Asoka (2001)
Song : San sanana
Music : Anu Malik
Lyrics : Gulzar,Anand Bakshi (View Lyrics)
Originally sung by :Alka Yagnik,Hema Sardesai
Performed by : Sowmya

San sanana | Musicians Available

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Aagaaya Gangai ...!

Its truly a joyful occasion to express my extreme happiness about Isaigyani through my blog. Raja’s music is my constant companion in life. I love to sing songs composed by Illayaraja. I have the strong belief that one can improve one's singing capability by singing the songs composed by Illayaraja. He had created an astounding environment with his music and made people to feel truly about his competence and the excellence he'd should in his music.

Particularly this song “Aagaya Gangai “,Ilaiyaraaja has given Madhyamavathi in quite pure form. He even tried to give this song with rare combination of voice of Malaysia vasudevan with Janaki.

Mr.Sukumar, who is a chemical Engineer from Egypt has joined me in this song. This is his first song with me. He is very passionate towards music and I am very happy to introduce him to this audio blog world. Hope you all enjoy !

Song : Aagaya gangai
Movie: Dharmayutham
Music: Mastero Ilayaraja
Lyrics: M.G.Vallaban (View Lyrics)
originally sung by : S.janaki & Malaysia Vasudevan
Performed by : Sowmya & Sukumar

aagaya gangai | Musicians Available

Friday, June 22, 2007

Enge enathu kavithai..!

Enge enathu kavithai

Kandu konden


Originally sung by :
K.S.Chitra & Srinivas

View Lyrics

Sung by : Sowmya

The First Song that Comes to my Mind by A R Rahman is "Enge enathu kavithai".Its my all time favourite ,rendered by none other than Chitra. She has a enthralling voice..!!

On the music front ARR changes midstream from western drums to Mirudangam in this song.I tried my best to perform this song.No chance...no one can compete chitra's voice.I can say, her voice is something extraordinary.

Enge enathu kavithai - sowmya cover | Musicians Available

Friday, June 15, 2007

Thee..! thee..! thithikkum thee..!!

It takes me back to those exhilarating moments when I hear AR Rahman for the first time, that happened way back in early 90's. I still remember those magical moments when I heard ARR's albums for the first time especially "Kadhalan" - the chorus "Indhiraiyo ival sundariyo..", Thiruda Thiruda's "Thee thee thithikkum thee.." which
never failed to transport you to the world of fantasies and
beautifully mounted visuals.

Years passed by, A.R Rahman started losing his Midas touch, until "Rang De Basanti" happened. Back in Tamil after a l...ong time, I experienced those mesmerising moments all again with “ Munbe vaa “ from Jillunnu Oru Kadhal.

This time , I tried my best to do well this song “ thee thee”. It’s a wonderful experience ,singing in husky voice. Hope you enjoy this song.

Song : Thee thee..
Movie : Thiruda thiruda
Music : A.R.Rahman
Lyrics : Vairamuthu (View Lyrics )
Originally sung by : Carolina
Sung by : Sowmya

Thee thee | Music Codes

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Suttum Vizhi sudare..

Once again I have choosen Harris jayaraj composition with Bombay Jayshree combination. One of the recent popular song all over the world. Usually, Suresh and myself perform this song in stages.Let me know how it sounds for you.

Movie Name: Ghajini (2005)
Original Singers: Bombay Jayashree, Sriram Parthasarthy
Music Director: Harris Jayaraj
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar (view Lyrics)
Performed by :Sowmya & Suresh Kumar

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ondra renda asaigal ..!

Behind the calm and serene face lies the spirit to venture into the unearthed mystery of music. Harris Jayaraj !

A wonderful music director who can able to render a fusion of carnatic and western peppy beat with right orchestration. . With good percussions and a touch of 'Arabian' music stuff, he has managed to create a feel-good sound, which is sure to click. He has taken delivery of a new Euphonix MC Media Application Controller for his recording.

Recent years, I admired almost all the songs of Harris. I became a great fan of him after I heard the song “ Mercury mele “ .What a song.! What a lilt. Harris Jayaraj weaves wonders when he join hands with new directors. I never heard music directors used “sax” in a awesome way other than Harris..

Harris Jayaraj topples Rahman few years back. He broke ARR’s monopoly at the Filmfare Awards by bagging it for the film “minnale” I will be going on writing about his fantastic compositions and numerous songs with great tunes. I would like to mention song “ manjal veiyil” from vettaiaadu vilayaadu and “june ponal”, “unnale unnale” from the movie unnale unnale.Here, I tried my best to perform this song with some extra western touch. Let me know, how you feel about it.

Song : Ondra renda..
Movie : Kaakha...Kaakha
Originally sung by : Bombay Jayashree
Music Director: Harris Jayaraj
Lyricist : Thamarai (view lyrics )

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kaatre en vaasal vanthay !

One of the very beautiful song by A.R.Rahman. He has chosen the apt singers for this song. kavitha krishnamurthi's shrilled voice made me to hear this song many more times. She has a special voice and only few songs suits her voice.

This time, I am performing this song with Naveen, who has a great passion towards music and he has a very good talent to sing Ilayaraja's song in ilayaraja's voice. I find no difference at all :)
I would like to thank him for the wonderful k track and he has done a good job in mixing and effects too.

Hope you enjoy the song !

Song : katre en vaasal vanthai
Movie : Rhytham
Music: A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu ( view Lyrics )
Originally sung by : unnikrishnan & Kavitha krishnamurthi
Sung By : Sowmya & Naveen

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ennavale by Suresh Kumar..

I would like to introduce Mr.Suresh Kumar, a young chap who is an upcoming budding artist. He has a great passion towards music. He is presenting one of his favourite song Ennavale. First time I am hearing this song in his voice. Amazing..! brikas..I dont believe. He dint even learn classical music. I am very happy to introduce him to you people. Hear his song and drop your valuable comments and encourage this budding singer.

Song: Ennavale..
Movie: Kathalan
Music: A.R.Rahman
Originally sung by : Unni krishnan
sung by : Suresh Kumar

Friday, April 27, 2007

Nilavu thoongum Neram !

Song : Nilavu thoongum neram

Movie : Kunguma Chimizh
Music: Ilayaraaja
Lyrics: Gangai Amaran
Original singer: S Janaki

This song is one among many songs , which has made an emotional impact on us. Again a night effect song. Raja has made very simple composition with a catchy tune. This song has three version one as a duet by SPB and S.janaki , the other versions are solo performance by S.janaki as well as SPB. I have made the version of S.Janaki. Hope you enjoy this.. !

Download the song here

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Aabhi Jaa..!

Song : Aabhi Jaa..

Movie : Sur.
Music: M.M.Kareem.S
Originally sung by : Lucky Ali & Sunidhi Chauhan.
Sung by : Harshan & Sowmya

This is my first hindi duet with harshan ,
who has great passion towards music.
Thanks to harshan, who has given me
the opportunity to sing this lovely song.

Download the song here

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thaeney then paandi meene !

Awesome lyrics by padma vibhushan Vaali in Mastero's composition. This lulluby express the relationship between a mother and her infant. No one can compose this suitable tune except raja. This song is one among the night effect collection of mine. I really enjoy singing this song. Hope you like it.

Song: Theeney then paandi meene
Movie: Udhaya geetham
Music: Mastero Ilayaraja
Lyrics: Padma vibhushan Vaali
Originally sung by : S Janaki
Sung by : Sowmya

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இனிய தமிழ்ப் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துகள்

Friday, April 06, 2007

Venkatachala Nilayam !

Recently, I learnt this song. I always have a special feel about this song. This Song is full of bakthi rasam and its all because of the raaga and lyrics of the song. I know very less number of Purandara dhasar kiritis. I am happy, at last, I learnt this song from net. Hope you all heard this song before.

Song: Venkatachala Nilaya
Raagam: sindu bhairavi
Thaalam: aadi
Composer: Purandara Daasar
Language : Sanskrit

Aa: S R2 G2 M1 G2 P D1 N2 S
Av: N2 D1 P M1 G2 R1 S

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Pen maane Sangeetham !

One of my all time favourite song. Especially, the prelude and the interlude part in this song is excellent. Unfortunately the interlude part is not there in the karoke track. I can say, this song is one of the best combination of three legends. The way she sang the lower octaves is marvelous.

We, Krishna and myself tried our best to perform better in this song. Thanks to krishna, he has done the mixing even in the busy schedule. You can also hear this song in his blog too.

Hope you will enjoy..

Song: Pen maane..
Movie: Naan sigappu manithan
Music: Ilayaraja
Originally sung by : SPB & S Janaki
Lyrics : Ponnadiyan
Performed by : Sowmya & Krishna

Friday, March 23, 2007

Pudhu vellai Mazhai !!

Song: Pudhu vellai mazhai
Movie: Roja
Music : A.R.Rahman
Origninally sung by : Sujatha & Unni menon
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Performed by : Sowmya & Shrikanth Kumar

Sometimes, people benchmark a particular song or music and elevate it to an unscalable point, that anything seemingly less comparable to the ear marked audio sounds astoundingly trivial. High quality music can always be stretched to eternity surpassing all doubts about its survival in a race against time. One of the such greatest compostion of A.R.Rahman is this pudhu vellai mazhai. Sujatha & Unni menon tremendously performed this song with their awesome voices.

Once again, I performed this song with Shrikanth kumar who has awesome voice which suits very well like unni menon's voice. You can also hear this song in shrikanth kumar's blog too.

Here it is.... the summer special "Jillunu" pudhu vellai

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Vaseegara En Nenjinika..!

A very beautiful song by Thamarai and Bombay Jayshree. Harris jayaraj excellently used these two people’s talent. I like thamarai’s flow of thoughts. She is more than a lyricist . In this particular song, she portrayed the feel of a woman very beautifully. Bombay Jayashree’s voice reached every one through this song. She is a well known celebrity in the classical field. After she sang this song, she has reached “ patti – thotti”

Song: Vaseegara En
Movie: Minnale
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Originally sung by : Bombay Jayshree
Lyrics : Thamarai
Performed by : Sowmya

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Vaaniley Thenila..!

What ! a great composition from Ilayaraja. This movie got released in the year 1985, At that time, I was doing my ninth std. I was thrilled to hear such a wonderful composition from raja. Even now, I could remember, I used to hear this song often in my tape recorder and its night effect song. Non stop repetition of this song by switching rewind button and play button (also got scoldings from my father..!!)

Thanks to Krishna for his contribution in this song and thanking him once again for the mixing/effects.

Song: Vaaniley Thaenila
Movie: Kaakki sattai
Originally sung by : SPB & Janaki
Music: Mastero Ilayaraja
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Performed by : Sowmya & Krishna

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Image Courtesy: The Hindu

Friday, March 02, 2007

Chinna Chinna aasai..!

Song: Chinna chinna aasai..
Movie: Roja
Originally sung by : Minmini
Music : A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Sung by : Sowmya & Sowmya

A very simple song with simple lyrics.But the song was super duper hit. Any song with simple tune and lyrics reaches the audians easily, because any one can sing the song with out any strain.I tried dual recording in this song.Just a trial.

Friends, Give me your suggestions to do mixing in a better way.

Song Download here


Friday, February 23, 2007

My First duet - Vellai pura ondru...!!

I happily present here my first duet with Shrikanth kumar, a well talented upcoming blogger with lots of enthusiasm. I’m thankful to him for this contribution and I also thank him for taking care of mixing. His voice suits very well for this song. I immensely enjoyed, recording in tracks and realized the significant difference in the sound effects after appropriate mixing, and the tremendous enhancement in the quality of the song.

Song: Vellai pura ondru
Movie: Puthukavithai
Originally sung by : K J Jesudas & S Janaki
Music: Ilayaraja
Sung by : Sowmya & Shrikanth kumar

Vellai pura ondru | Muziboo

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Kaiyil mithakum kanava nee..by shrikanth kumar

Shrikanth kumar is young buddy who is interested in Singing,playing Keyboard and flute.He is also interested to compose music.you can visit his blog and enjoy his singing and encourage him.

Visit his blog

A Musical thought process from shrikanth kumar


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Darling..! Darling..!

Song: Darling..! Darling..!

Movie: Priya
Music: Ilayaraja
Lyrics: Panju Arunachalam
Originally sung by P Susheela
Sung by Sowmya

First of all, I must thank Harshan and Vishal for helping me to do the recording using tracks. So far, I didn't use track recording for my songs. This is my first song, recorded using tracks and a good karoke. Both taught me how to do mixing and all. Thank you once again. Its really a good gesture to get nice people through blog world. Hope you all enjoy this song.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Chinnan chiru kiliye..!

" கவிதை எழுதுபவன் கவியன்று. கவிதையே வாழ்க்கையாக உடையோன், வாழ்க்கையே கவிதையாகச் செய்தோன், அவனே கவி" - பாரதி

It is more than 75 years since this great poet left us. History has shown us that a few of his dreams have been realized. I am honored and gifted to sing his songs. One of the heart capturing song from "Maha Kavi Subramanya Bharathiyar".

Song: Chinnan chiru kiliye..
Composer: Maha kavi Subramanya Bharathi
Raagam: Raagamaalika


Download the song here

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Boopalam isaikum..

Song: Boopalam Isaikum..

Movie: Thooral Ninnu pochu
Music: Ilayaraja
Originally sung by: Uma ramanan, K.J.Yesudas
Lyrics: Muthulingam

One of my all time favourite song.Played both male and female parts (lol?) lol. Please bear with poor quality of audio recording at some places.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Kannan vanthu..

Song: Kannan vanthu
Movie: Rettai vaal kuruvi
Music: Ilayaraja
Originally sung by s Janaki

Sung by sowmya
Song Download here

Monday, January 15, 2007

Tulasi Dhalamula..

Song: Tulasi Dhalamula se..
Raag: Maayamalava gowla
Thaal: Rubag
Composer: Sri.Thiayagaraja

Aa: S R1 G3 M1 P D1 N3 S
Av: S N3 D1 P M1 G3 R1 S

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Kurai ondrum illai...

Song: Kurai ondrum illai..
Lyrics: Rajaji
Raag : Raagamaalika (sivaranjani, kaapi, sindhu bhairavi)
Originally by : Smt.M.S.Subbulakshmi
A tribute to
Tried by sowmya