Friday, March 16, 2007

Vaseegara En Nenjinika..!

A very beautiful song by Thamarai and Bombay Jayshree. Harris jayaraj excellently used these two people’s talent. I like thamarai’s flow of thoughts. She is more than a lyricist . In this particular song, she portrayed the feel of a woman very beautifully. Bombay Jayashree’s voice reached every one through this song. She is a well known celebrity in the classical field. After she sang this song, she has reached “ patti – thotti”

Song: Vaseegara En
Movie: Minnale
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Originally sung by : Bombay Jayshree
Lyrics : Thamarai
Performed by : Sowmya

Download the song


thiru said...

Wow... wonderful and soothing... sound quality is good. Have you given some modifications in hummings or am I imagining?!! overall nice job. Keep them coming.

barbi said...

hmm, from cookin to singing eh?
girly blog!

geetha said...

really very nice sowmya...ellame correcta match aagi irukku pa...keep it up.

Krishna said...

Very well sung and nice mixing.


sowmya said...

Thiru ->> Nice to see your comments.yeah ! i have done the chorus part too.

Barbi ->> ohh "Barbi"...athan girly blog sollirukeenga.

Geetha ->> Velila mazhai vara pogutha nu parungalen.Thanks for the visit.

Krishna -->> Thanks a bunch.

balar said...

Excellent rendition Soumya..
This is one of my favorite song..
Keep up the great work..

sowmya said...

hey balar, thanks

Harshan said...

I love this song and Sowmya your voice stands out in this song ...excellent ...remember I had requested you to sing this song some time back ...thought that the track was a bit slower than the original.

Shama said...

Your voice is sweet. Very rythmic. Thanks for this lovely song. What year was this song released? By the way, I have a good collection of Bombay Jaysahree classicals.

Chakra said...


This song is one of my favourites. Years ago, i used to play this in my office PC several times a day that my English colleague became addicted to the song and spread it among his mates.

Your voice is great. I am able to appreciate that better in this song than in 'Vaaniley Thenilaa'. Its nice to hear the song in a much different voice than Jayashree's whose is husky that gave the kind of 'mayakkam', which suited the lyrics of this particular song.

Mixing too is good... but sometimes your voice goes down adn comes up... i am sure that it is not coz of singing... but something technical. Did you notice that or is it just me?

Shama: This song is from Minnale that got released in 2001.

sowmya said...

Harshan -->> Yeah you are right, its little slower than the original.Thanks for the feedback

Shama -->> Amazing to know that you people hear thamizh songs.Hope u got the answer from chakra's comments.Thanks for the feed back

Chakra -->> Nice to know that you liked this song and Thanks for the elobrate comments.

As you mentioned in your comments , its true that my voice some times goes down and comes up, because of the singing and not because of any technical problem. I just love to sing a song for the emotions.So I practiced myself to present the song in such a way of modulating and stressing particualr notes.But I can understand, that is odd , while others listen to it.I am quite happy to receive these kind of feed back.So that I can rectify it and the present the song in a better way next time.Thank you once again :-)

Keerthi said...

Apt picture selection ! :)

sowmya said...

Vasishtar vaayal Brahmma rishi..! :-) thank u

aneez backer said...

My parents are in TmailNadu and that makes me visit the state frequently. The buses here just kill you with their loud music. It just gets on to your nerves.

But for the first time in the last 6 years, I had a pleasant experience, the bus-walla played the zara-zara song in Tamil (carnatic or some classical). I never knew the Hindi version had the original in Tamil.

I have been searching on the net for the carnatic version, but have not been successful yet. Yours seems to be the closest to the one I heard in the was absolutely blissful.

Do you by any chance have the pure carnatic version, the one in which one can clearly distinguish the violin sound ?? If yes, can u please share it with me ?

Sowmya said...

Aneez, Thanks for stopping by n listening :) I have sent you the song !

aneez backer said...

Thnks :)

Srivats said...

Hi Sowmya,
i just crashed into this site as i have been trying hard to find the Carnatic version of Vaseegara. And then i listened to your version. It was amazing. Strangely, I have a cousin Sowmya and she is a singer as well.
Could you please mail me the Carnatic version, i heard it on the radio a couple of yrs back here in Singapore but i am not able to get hold of it. thanks,srivats

Sowmya said...

Thanks much for listening to my song Srivats, I don't have that carnatic version !