Friday, July 17, 2009

Oru vaanavil pole ...

song : Oru vaanavil poley
movie : kaatrinilae varum geetham
Music : Illayaraja
Lyrics : Kannadhasan (View Lyrics)
original singers :Jeyachandran,S.Jaanaki
Cover : sowmya

~Beautiful song with a bad track~Plz Bear with that ~ Real challenge with misleading tempo :D ~



Anonymous said...


This has to be amongst your best singing performances. Fantastic modulation and lovely feel throughout.

A little off in the line 'Kalai Maanin...'

Semmma kuppai track. Please re-do it with a decent track. This track sahikkalai!!!


Sowmya said...

Nandu :D,

Yeah ...track sahikala than..Enna panrathu..Very good song, so athellam kanduka

Yeah..agree with that off..One take pa..:D hehe

If you get a good track, please let me know. Want to post it at muziboo too !

Thanks for tha patient listening :)
Glad you liked it even with this track !

Anonymous said...

I want not approve on it. I regard as nice post. Especially the title attracted me to read the unscathed story.

Sowmya said...

Anon :D, its a fact and not a story !! You are too generous in your comments ..Thanks :)