Friday, July 13, 2007

San sanana..

Anu Malik - the most successful composer since Baazigar. But he became dull after he lost his originality. The beginning of this song “San sanana nana “ sounds a lot like Rahman’s tunes from Rangeela, especially the musical piece, the Spirit of Rangeela. Alka Yagnik does a great job in infusing life into this song, which is appealing by the music itself.

This song is about a girl's desire for a perfect groom and makes for a good listening. Anand Bakshi is the guest lyricist for this particular song. I just heard this song for very few times and got fascinated. The voice clarity of alka yagnik prepared me to sing this song. Tell me whether, I did the pronunciation accurately.

Movie :Asoka (2001)
Song : San sanana
Music : Anu Malik
Lyrics : Gulzar,Anand Bakshi (View Lyrics)
Originally sung by :Alka Yagnik,Hema Sardesai
Performed by : Sowmya

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Vinod said...

Superb.Enjoyed the whole essense of the song.keep them coming.awesome voice sowmya

Harshan said...

Excellent singing Sowmya are very versatile indeed :-)

Keep them coming...

Sowmya said...

hi vinod,

Welcome.Thanks for ur kind words. :)

Sowmya said...

hey harshan,

Thank you very much.

You dint mention about any mistakes in the pronunciation. let me correct it if always have the tendency to appreciate others. :)

prasad said...

hey sowmya, I like the way you sang this song.Every bit is wonderfully done.As harshan say, you are a versatile singer.keep it up.Expecting more songs like this.

balar said...

excellent rendition sowmya...i was a fan of anu malik long time back..baazigar and akele hum akele tum are my favorites from his collection..

Sowmya said...

hi prasad, thanks :))

Sowmya said...

hey balar,

vanga! vanga! :))

Once, anu malik , nadeem shravan were my favt music directors.They really made so many good tunes.I have a plan of doing hindhi songs often.Thanks for the feed back. Happy to see you again :)

priya said...

Damn sexy sowmya!!!!!

Sowmya said...

hey priya,

yaa..the picture is :P

Anonymous said...

That was awesome!! I love this hindi song!


Anonymous said...

You sang really well! I love this song! I am hoping to hear more songs from you!

<3 Nitya

priya said...

Hahha unga voice sethu dhan sonnen.... Relax;))

Sowmya said...

hi nikita, thank u :)


hi nitya,

Happy to know that you liked this song. I have a plan of doing more hindi songs too.keep visiting :)

Sowmya said...



The people who hear the song, have to relax :P

Rosh said...

wow such a lovely rendition...really enjoyed listening to you.

Sowmya said...

hey rosh,

Thanks yar :)

Anand said...

hi sowmya
keep on listing malay song too...


banu said...


Jaa Jaa ..Jaa Re Pavan.. Jaa Re pavan was the BEST..I jus loved tat piece of u r wrk :)

In the second half..its jus my feeling.. the below lines missed u r perfection, interms of pronounciation & pitch:

..choo le tho hai lag jayae agan..
..mujkho dekh ke jhuke gagan..

Rest was tooooo gud..

Keep going,

Sowmya said...


Thanks much, Good observations :)