Friday, October 23, 2009

Naane naana !

Another wonderful master piece from Raja ! Vaani and vaali combo
Song : Naane naana
Movie: Azhage unnai aaraadhikiren
Music : Ilayaraja
Lyrics: Vaali (View Lyrics)
Original singing : Vaani Jayaram
Cover : Sowmya

Friday, October 09, 2009

Ilaya nila pozhikiradhey ...!

Raja n SPB is the best combination ever possiblle,lot many songs can be listed to prove this and Ilayanila tops the list.Heard from few musician friends When they learn Guitar when filmy musicians come for auditions to the colleges in search of Guitarists,The first and last test they ask them to under go is to play first interlude of Ilayanila !SPB in Asianet channel interview mentioned that,The Guitarist took 16 takes to complete this song recording… Ofcourse Raja might have composed this in no less than 16 minutes…:D Who knows??? Such a Ratchas lol

Love to sing this song,tried some chorus too, hope it didn’t spoil the soup.

Song : Ilayanila
Movie: Payanangal Mudivathillai
Music: Maestro ilayaraja
Lead Guitarist: S. Sadanandan
Original singer: SPB
Lyrics: Vairamuthu (View Lyrics )
Cover : Sowmya
Chorus: Sowmya

Thursday, October 08, 2009

En kaadhale ...!

A simple, soulful song with minimal rhythm, set in a dreamy ambience, conveying the pangs of pain. Amazing rendition, lovely chords and wonderful lyrics form the core of this song
Not a huge fan of ARR, but some of his tunes really touches my heart…one of it this…Sax wah… and loved the wonderful lyrics by Vairamuthu
Song : En kadhale
Movie: Duet
Music: A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu (View Lyrics)
Saxophone : Kadri Gopalnath
Original singer : SPB
Cover : Sowmya

Friday, October 02, 2009

Ulaga Naayagane... !

Padmashree Dr.Kamal Haasan has completed fifty years in cinema. It is a wonder to find if there is any other actor in the world who started out at 4 and is still going strong at 54. The status of Kamal is beyond comparison in contemporary Tamil cinema. There are only few things in our lives that are really worthy of celebration. There are only very few things in cinema that are worthy of celebration and when there is one such occasion, it should not be allowed to pass unnoticed. Kamal’s genius, hard work and commitment are undeniable. If we do not recognize this, then there is hardly anything else in Tamil cinema that is worthy of any notice at all.

As my small token of love on his dedication towards Arts, I like to dedicate this song to him !!

Song : Ulaganaayagane
Movie : Dasavatharam
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Vairamuthu (View Lyrics)
Original singing : Vinit Singh
Cover : Sowmya
Chorus & Mixing : Sowmya