Friday, March 23, 2007

Pudhu vellai Mazhai !!

Song: Pudhu vellai mazhai
Movie: Roja
Music : A.R.Rahman
Origninally sung by : Sujatha & Unni menon
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Performed by : Sowmya & Shrikanth Kumar

Sometimes, people benchmark a particular song or music and elevate it to an unscalable point, that anything seemingly less comparable to the ear marked audio sounds astoundingly trivial. High quality music can always be stretched to eternity surpassing all doubts about its survival in a race against time. One of the such greatest compostion of A.R.Rahman is this pudhu vellai mazhai. Sujatha & Unni menon tremendously performed this song with their awesome voices.

Once again, I performed this song with Shrikanth kumar who has awesome voice which suits very well like unni menon's voice. You can also hear this song in shrikanth kumar's blog too.

Here it is.... the summer special "Jillunu" pudhu vellai

Download the song



thiru said...

nice singing from both of you ... but you could have chosen a better karaoke track!

geetha said...

very nice sath.

Harshan said...

Very nice ...both of you have done a remarkable job ...keep it up.

Krishna said...

Sowmya and Shrikanth,
very well sung. Super.


sowmya said...

Hey thiru...
Thanks for the visit and comments . I have to add the chorus part.Will do it. :)

Geetha -->> Thank u so the by, who is sath ! hehe..

Harshan -->> Thanks for the comments :-)

Krishna -->> Thank u very much :)

venkatesh said...

sorry to came late here,but i truly enjoyed ur songs excellently done.Good work shrikanth.

balar said...

Both of you have excellent voice and very well done this song..


Jeevan said...

Good singed both! Its my favorite song and its different to enjoy in your voice:)

sowmya said...

-->> Thank you so much :)

Chakra said...

Sowmya, another good one from you.

This time around the recording, mixing, voice - everything has come out well. Think you handle it with ease when you go on high pitch. Many a times I have heard few singers (non-pros) take a half second breath while singing in high pitch. I played this repeatedly trying to catch that, but in vain. A job very well done. Keep 'em coming.

Murali said...

My first time here..Listened to vaanile thEnila also. Nice job both of you. Couple of obsvns:

(1) Shrikanth goes off in many places. Could do well if he improves the stability in the notes

(2) Sowmya has no off-notes, but in pudhu vellai song she appears to be deliberately slowing down which makes the beat go ahead of her.

sowmya said...

Chakra -->> Thank u very much :)

Murali -->> Thanks for the elobrate comments. :)

Jithu J said...

Hi both, nice singing, wonderful song this is forever!! ya male singer has a different feel and reminds bit of the new singer belly raj.female singing was bit on a slow tempo to the music..anyways nice, enjoy!thanks

Anonymous said...

though i dont understand tamil...
after listening to tis song.... i jst loved it...
such a heart throbbing song:)