Friday, December 02, 2011

O nenje....

Song : O Nenje Neethan
Movie : Darling Darling Darling (1982)
Singer : S.P. Balasubramaniyam
Music : Shankar Ganesh
Lyricist : Karuvikkarambai Shanmugam (View Lyrics)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Chilaxx Babe !!!

As usual Vijay Antony driven by paal ice cup ice song.and he tried this song to be with different flv of carnatic…and the choice of the singer is very apt.Charulatha mani stolen the show.Love to pick this song for the classical portions she did…very effortless.
Here it is…

Song: Chilax
Movie: Velayudham
Music: Vijay Antony
Lyrics: Annamalai (View Lyrics)
Original singers : Charulathamani & Karthik
Cover : Sowmya 

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Thakida thathimi

Proudly presents one of my most favt song of kamal and spb combination – The most important part of the song played by vairamuthu – personally felt he has made a different stamp with this particular song sounds most philosophical but clearly embedded with the situation. Hats off to raja and spb , both groove the soul with their touches.
Couldn’t resist myself as always when I found this track…even though the track carried ‘thathaka pithaka’ theermanam in tabla.. :D …I just love to sing along…

Song - Thakida thathimi
Movie : Salangai oli
Music : Maestro Ilayaraja
Lyrics : Viramuthu(View lyrics)
Original singer : Dr SP Balasubramanyam
Cover : Sowmya

Monday, August 29, 2011

Naan romba nallapulla illa


One of the recent foot tapping song from one of my favt MD Vidyasagar.Caught over by the gimmicks done by Ranjith.He is extremely talented same like Tippu.Both have many similarity in their voice texture and the vibrato is fantastic to immerse with….

Dedicating this song to a ketta pulla…! Naan romba romba nalla pullallaa….:P

Song : Naan romba romba nalla
Movie: Siruthai
Music: Vidyasagar
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar (View Lyrics)
Original singer : Ranjith
Cover : Sowmya

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ethrayo janmamaai

I fall in love with this song whenever i listen to this.The very first time when I listened it,it had a strong impact on me…Thanks to vidyasagar for this haunting composition aptly suited for the marvellous lyrics!
I gave it a try…
Song: Ethrayo Janmamai
Movie: Summer in Bethlehem
Music: Vidyasaagar
Lyricist: Gireesh Puthenchery
Original Singers: Sujatha, Srinivas
Cover: Sowmya
Ethrayo janmamai ninne njaan thedunnu
Athramel ishtamayi ninne enn punyame
Doora theerangalum mookathaarangalum
Kaattodu megham melle cholli
Snehaardhrametho swakaaryam
Maayunna sandhye ninne thedi
Eeran nilaavin paraakam
Ennennum nin madiyile paithalayi
Nee moolum paattile pranayamayi
Ninneyum kaaththu njan nilkave
Poovinte nenjil thennal meyum
Poornendu peyyum vasantham
May maasa raavil pookum mulle
Nee thannu theera sughandham
Ee manjum en mizhiyile mounavum
En maaril nirayumee mohavum
Nithyamaam snehamaai vannu njaan
For all the births that I have been in search for you !
my love for you has been as much, my sublime!
The shores afar, and silent stars, are witness (to my love).
The cloud gently whispered to the wind,
(love-filled) secrets, unknown.
The fading dusk searched for you,
(like you were) the moist moonlight.
(I want to be) forever, a child on your lap,
I want to be the love, in the song that you’re humming.
(as) I stand here, waiting for you.
The breeze enmeshes itself in the heart of the flower,
as the spring showers the light of the full moon.
Oh jasmine! blossoming in May, endless fragrance emanates from you.
This dew, and the silence in my eyes,
the desire that fills my self,
I come to you, as endless love.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Engeyum kaadhal

One of the recent super hit of Harris - Song resembles much like a hindi tune and of course with lot of influence from western numbers as usually:P..But Harris ..Thanks much for these tunes really made us to hum during long drive with family.Beautiful lyrics penned by the one and only Thamarai.. Wish to try it out when i find this track../Just done it on my own way (?)!!

P.S :Listening through headphone preferable !

Song: Engeyum kaadhal
Movie: Engeyum kadhal
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Lyrics: Thamarai (View Lyrics)
Original: Aalap Raju
Cover (Lead & Harmony & Chorus):Sowmya

Monday, July 04, 2011

Ayyayo nenju

Sothaiye ezhudhi vechidalam spb ku :D
Song : Ayayyo nenju
Movie: Aadukalam
Music: GV.Prakash
Lyrics: Snehan (View Lyrics)
Original singers: Dr.SPB,Junior spb,Prashanthini
Cover: Sowmya with Prashanthini

Friday, July 01, 2011

Aaro viral meetti

Only two three listening on this malayalam song made me crazy to sing this song at once …What a composition by vidyasagar,more raja’s influence found at the bgms…based on hamsanadham i think !Again the diction is the issue for me :D couldn’t wait to correct it by referring someone on it…Just going with the flow again…and did on my own way…
Movie Name: Pranaya Varnankal (1998)
Original Singer: Yesudas K J/ Chitra K.S
Music Director: Vidya Sagar (View Lyrics)
Lyrics: Girish Puthenchery
Cover : Sowmya

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chimmi Chimmi

My first experience on malayalam song on stage yesterday…so would like to try the same here.Tune is so simple to listen…but needs lot of breath control…:D No idea how the diction sounds…Just a try…
Song: Chimmi Chimmi
Music: Deepak Dev
Lyrics: Kaithapram (View Lyrics)
Original Singer:manjari

Friday, June 17, 2011

Otha sollaala

One of the latest sooper dooper hit on the national award winning movie…A stylish folk as well a standard maintained which really haunted my heart with nice beats. I love this song to dance even :D After Raja, G.V Prakash produce these kinda tunes , the healthy gesture on folk songs. I couldn’t find a track, made a loop on my own and tried it…tremolo on rhythm pushed me to makeup those two places :D .I couldn’t resist doing this song when I found a bit track…here it is…

Song : Otha sollaala
Movie : Aadukalam
Music: G.V.Prakash
Lyrics: Yegadasi (View Lyrics)
Original singer: Velmurugan
Cover : Sowmya 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

ilamaiyenum poongaatru

Evergreen melody of spb and Raja ,the song which liked by all music lovers even now.Beautiful composition on wonderful lyrics of kannadasan, but totally spoiled by the dramatic scene in the film.These legends can sue Mr.Sasi the director ,for his irresponsible framing of the scene for this wonderful song.Another trial n error song from me…

Song: iLamai enum poongatru
Movie: Pagalil oar iravu
Music : Maestro ilayaraja

Lyrics : Kannadasan ( View Lyrics)
Original singer : Dr.Spb
Cover : Sowmya

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ennai Konjam Maatri

A catchy tune of Harris which certainly have the similarities of English songs in which i can have some exposure of western i welcome harris to do more similar tunes like this :P I particularly tried this song with a bit modulation extra to give it a punch of the landing notes.Certainly i did most of part on my own and i find there is a vast difference. Let me know how you feel about it.

Song: Ennai konjam
Movie: Kaaka kaaka
Music: Harris Jayraj
Lyrics: Thamarai (View Lyrics)
Original singers: Tippu,Shalini Singh & Timmi
Cover : Sowmya

Friday, April 29, 2011

Oru jeevan

A beautiful evergreen melody with nice combo voices of raja and chitra…Not a big fan for this song…but still like to sing after listening to the track …singing could be better at places!

Song : Oru jeevan
Movie: Geethanjali
Music: Maestro ilayaraja
Lyrics:Vairamuthu (View lyrics)
Original : Ilayaraja & Chitra
Cover : Sowmya

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bagon mein chale aao

One of the haunting song from the movie Anamika with two great actors Sanjeev kumar and Jaya badhuri…After watching the way she acted in that song…made me sing atonce … what a fantastic soothing singing by the legend lata mangeshkar on the beautiful composition by RD Burman.Tried my attempt…and the track music allowed me to attend the lines only once…Very much disappointed with the track.but still wish to sing it on the flow…Please forgive my diction errors.

Song: Bagon mein chale
Movie: Anamika (1973)
Music: RD Burman
Lyricist : Majrooh Sultanpuri (View Lyrics)
Originally sung by : Lata mangeshkar
Cover : Sowmya

baaho mein chale aao, hum se sanam kyaa paradaa
Come into my arms; what curtain separates you from me, darling?

ye aaj kaa naheen milan ye sang hain umar bhar kaa
This meeting is not only of today; this union is for our whole lives.

chale hee jaanaa hai, najar churaa ke yoo
I must go only after meeting your glance like so

fir thaamee thee, saajan tum ne meree kalaaee kyoo?
Darling, why then did you catch my wrist to hold me back?

kisee ko apanaa banaa ke chhod de
To leave someone after making them your own...

ayesaa koee naheen karataa
No one does something like that.

kabhee kabhee kuchh to, kaho piyaa hum se
From time to time, just say something to me, beloved

ye, kam se kam aaj to khul ke milo jaraa hum se
say? this: at the very least, meet me out in the open today

hai raat apanee, jo tum ho apane
the night is mine, if you are mine...

kisee kaa fir, humei dar kyaa?
whom then do we fear?

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Kuch na kaho

The slow tune is once again delightfully intertwined with the R.D. Burman touch in a violin orchestrated tune that is a must listen to put it lightly. Lata Mangeshkar out do all of them in a tune where she sounds like she has sung twenty years prior to the original release of the album. Her rendition reaches the heights that Javed Akhtar has hoped for when penning the album, clearly.Just had a thought to sing this number purely on lata ji’s voice magic on this song even at her old age.

Song : Kuch na kaho
Movie: 1942 A love story
Music: RD Burman
Lyrics : Javed Akthar (View Lyrics)
Original singer : Lata Mangeshkar
Cover : Sowmya

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yaar Veetil Roja

Craze for long years to cover this song. One of the most fabulous composition of raja from the movie idhayakoyil. The most enchanting songs of llayaraja happened with these films where the hero had taken the role as a singer.Another melody from the same movie “paatu thalaivan”.No idea how the same craze continue for me to render those songs even now without even a second thought arises. Purely classic…
Another trial n error song from me…couldn’t stop myself asking track from Gopi shanmugam after listened to his awesome singing on this song. Just tried my level with the bass voice.
Song : Yaar veetil
Movie: Idhayakoyil
Music: Maestro ilayaraja
Lyrics: M.Metha ( View Lyrics)
Original singer : Dr.SP Balasubramanyam ( The ONE n ONLY )
Trial n error cover : Sowmya

Monday, March 07, 2011


This is my second song being a lyricist and its been my favorite of my own in all aspectsI Amazing composition Satish vammi and excellent singing by unnikrishnan KB. Nice to work with you guys

Song : Anbe un

Music : Satish vammi

Lyrics : Sowmya R

Singer : Unnikrishnan KB

Guitar : KK


Situation : A college boy expressing his love at the last minute when the gal Is going to leave the college and he has expressed with mixed emotion…like Anxiety and desire and with love

Pre verse

Nenjam vegum
( Heart is to burn )

Mijum neram konjam
(time is very less )

En manathai unnidam nan padika
(Let me read my heart to you )

Nesam vendum
(Need your love)

En aaval sethu pogum
( my desire will dead)

Nee illai endral en uyirum marikka
( If you are not for me, I will be dead)


Anbe un pathai enge
( Oh my love where is your path )

Ange nan selvathendrey
( I think I wish to go there)

Inge nan ennil kandu pidithen !
( Now I found that in me )

Anbe un swasam inge
( Oh love where is your breath )

Munbe en jeevan neeye
( Already you are my breath)

Indrey nan unnyiril layithen
( Now I merge into your soul)

(Nejam vegum
Mijum neram konjam
En manathai unnidam nan padika

Nesam vendum
En aaval sethu pogum
Nee illai endral en uyirum marikka )


Veesi(p) ponathu thendral
( Breeze waved and gone )

Un Paarvai pottathu anjal
( Your sight sent me a mail)

Oru poovum malarnthathu ennil – un paarvaiyaale
( A flower bloomed into my heart – coz of your sight)

Pesum mozhi ena kangal
(Your eyes are the language )

Athil ayiram arthangal puthayal
( It has thousands meanings into it)

Enai meetiduthey than vazhiyil– un ninaivugalale
( its playing me with your sight with your thoughts)

Inithidum athu athu sugam tharum
( its sweeter and blissful)

Isaithidum unai enai inaithidum….
( its musical and its merging us )

(Anbe un pathai enge
Ange nan selvathendrey
Inge nan ennil kandu pidithen !

Anbe un swasam inge
Munbe en jeevan neeye
Indrey nan unnyiril layithen)


Sinthiya muthum sevvithazhum
( Falling pearls and your reddish lips)

Un punnagai sollum sollum
( Will tell your smile)

Nithirai muzhuthum soppanum
( The sleep full of dreams)

Un ninaivinai aLLum aLLum
( is full of your thoughts)

Sinthiya muthum sevvithazhum
( Falling pearls and your reddish lips)

Un punnagai sollum sollum
( Will tell your smile)

Nithirai muzhuthum soppanum
( The Sleep full of dreams)

Un ninaivinai aLLum aLLum
( is full of your thoughts)

Maiyal thaanadi En vaasal thooramellai
( its deep love – my doors are not far away)

Meiye thaanadi en kaadthal theerave illai – En naalum
( its very true , my love never get over at any day )

(Anbe un pathai enge
Ange nan selvathendrey
Inge nan ennil kandu pidithen !

Anbe un swasam inge
Munbe en jeevan neeye
Indrey nan unnyiril layithen )

Anbe.... Original Composition -Feat. Satish Vammi, Sowmya R,KK & KB.. | Upload Music