Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ennule Ennule !!

This song is,one of the mesmerizing composition in keeravani which impressed me much and mostly all the music lovers. Harmonizing the vocals in such way to enrich the standard of the song,is the specialty of raja and till date no composers have given such a nice feel in any song with harmony.

I have tried a bit to give such a harmonica effect with this song.Please listen to it and gimme your valuable suggestions.

Movie: Valli
Song: Ennule Ennule !
Music: Maestro Ilayaraja
Lyrics:Vaali (View Lyrics)
Original : Swarnalatha
Cover: Sowmya



meena said...

Hey sowmya,Thanks for your suggestions upon uyirum neeye song.All the points whr noted and would be rectified.Early in the morning I came back to listen again to your poongatru pudhidhanadhu.Whoa wat a mismerising rendition.Now one more added to that:-).

Mutharasan Ilango said...

kalakitinga sowmya..... keep doing the good work...... rgds Muthu

Awatts said...

Beautiful Sowmya! Loved the special that deep feeling

Subha said...

Beautiful expressions and feel. Very soothing rendition. Yet another gem from you Sowmya. I felt you had sang 'Ennulle' word very differently. Was it deliberate?

I also felt the words should have been stressed lil more so that they fall in place with the taal.You had sung it a lil loose. Not sure if I am right. Pls counter.

Ganesh Ram PS said...

Song selection is good Lead voice is good.

mainly on pallavi the harmoney not heared another two parts missing thats the life for this song. and effects on voice has over bass which muffling ur voice if u reduce it clarity will be good. if u wish i can send u notes for hormoneies.

Sowmya said...

Hi Meena

Glad you liked the rendition :)


Hi Muthu,

Thanks a lot :) Happy to receive your comments ! Do visit often !

Sowmya said...

hi Ajitha,

I'm glad you liked this song. Thank you :)


Hi shuba,

Yup..At some places some mismatches..Its due to the harmonies.

May be, I shd go with the better diction. Thanks for your suggestion :)

Sowmya said...

Hi Ganesh Ram,

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your views.I just tried, to do some harmony effects with this song.Actually, am not all satisfied with my recording and sound mixing and yet to learn it by time goes !

Thank you for the real concern you have on my singing. :)

இசைச்சாரல் said...

GOOD "SONG SELECTION" and wonderful performence again!.. weldone sowmiya.


Sowmya said...

Thank you Spidy :)

Vasupradha said...

Hi mami,
the song is wonderful...ur voice is really very melodious...great job...


Sowmya said...

Hey Vasu...

Very Happy to receive your comments here. Thank you ! :)


kumar said...

Sowmya , Nice rendition !

Sowmya said...

Hi Vivek,Kumar

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback :)

kaviyarasan.d said...

i was searching the song on net to listen or download. but i got it from u only. thx.
realy this is haunting song.
nobody will escape from the feel of this song.

Sowmya said...

Thank you so much kaviyarasan..your feedback is much appreciable !

Anonymous said...

wonderful Sowmiya u have amazing voice culture.....Faizi

Sowmya said...

Thanks much Faizi :)