Thursday, October 08, 2009

En kaadhale ...!

A simple, soulful song with minimal rhythm, set in a dreamy ambience, conveying the pangs of pain. Amazing rendition, lovely chords and wonderful lyrics form the core of this song
Not a huge fan of ARR, but some of his tunes really touches my heart…one of it this…Sax wah… and loved the wonderful lyrics by Vairamuthu
Song : En kadhale
Movie: Duet
Music: A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu (View Lyrics)
Saxophone : Kadri Gopalnath
Original singer : SPB
Cover : Sowmya


கே.ரவிஷங்கர் said...

Good song. Guru song also sung well by you.

Pl. listen this song "kannil dhagam eeano" by Carnatic Singer Sowmya from film "Achchamundu Achchamundu"

I think it is based on ahir bairavi.

hauting melody/awesome.Urukkumm paadal.Also see my writeup in my blog.

Also listen 'yaaridum solven" and "elamai enbathu" from the movie
'rightaa thappaa"

The above are by Karthik Raja.

What a melody and romantic orchestration like his father.

You will love to sing 'yaaridum solven"

Please listen and give feedback.

கே.ரவிஷங்கர் said...

I forgot to give link.

Sowmya said...

Hi Ravishankar, thanks for those links and will listen to that. Din't hear it before !

jithu said...

Hi sowmya, have to say lovely singing, loved it!! done justice to this great song..some observations if u dont mind, ini meelvadhaa illai veelvadhaa, that part at charanam, that meelvadha dynamics could have been more clear,felt bit hurried,similarly same part next stanza also.but overall pathos feel was so cool, especially ending part 'killuvadhai killivittu' was too good!! cheers :)

கே.ரவிஷங்கர் said...

Still listening the songs?
Oh...God...! Don"t miss mam.

Sowmya said...

Hi Ravishankar

Listened to those songs long back thanks for those links..only sowmya's singing impressed me and i am sorry about other two songs from righta thappa... Solrathu righta thappa dont want to disappoint you by mentioning it in ur blog.. :)

கே.ரவிஷங்கர் said...

//so dont want to disappoint you by mentioning it in ur blog.//

No problem.You can comment what you feel.

//i am sorry about other two songs from//

I am surprised the song " yaaridum solven" did not impress you.

Thanks a lot