Monday, September 14, 2009

Unakenna mele Nindraai... !!

What to say about this song. One of my all time favt and got inspired with Arvind’s rendition.Just tried another spb pathos, he is very special in expressing ambivalent state. Wonderful lyrics by vaali

I loved these lines " Naan enna kallaa paala " , who can write like this other than him …Hats off !

Song : Unakenna mele
Movie : Simla special
Music: MSV
Lyrics: Vaali
Originally sung by :SP Balasubrahmanyam
Cover Version : Sowmya


--βђάŘάťђ-- said...

You have a fan in me Sowmya..
The variation in the second recital of "Pal pola" was quite good but I doesn't suit the flow of this song..

Sorry for being cynical :)

BTW - Are you from Hosur?

Sowmya said...

Rohith .. :) You are right ! It doesn't suit the flow..But need to put my variation becoz of no restriction for recital here ! Just did.. a kinda mood :)

I welcome all your genuine and honest comments :) Yup i am !

Sowmya said...

oops, Bharath :D design wala , got confused :D..

Thanks for your nice f/b !

PRIYA said...

Adraaaa Sakke !!
I am sorry...Adriiiii Sakke!!
Wonderful singing yaar!
I can understand u very a way that i too sing all the songs that i like, rather than, singing what suits me or what i should be singing!!
Nice Sowmya!

Sowmya said...

Heyyy Priyaaaa :D Adriii sakkee haha

Yup, thoninatha paadanum :) Ketkaravangalukku than problem :D namakku enna ...haha

Happy to know that you liked this rendition :) Thanks yaarr..