Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey Aatha ! - A craze on grace of SPB !

Here comes again my funny experiment on SPB number ! Love this song from that “Mic mohan” movie payanangal mudivathillai, such a peppy tune but with a slight slow tempo on ilayaraja’s composition, had totally changed in the new remix version of Mani sharma in the movie Malaikottai where again my favt singer Tippu done a fabulous job. But I would like to sing more spb grace and I am very much satisfied with the crazy number of mine :D
Movie: Payanangal mudivathillai
Song : Heyy aatha
Music: Ilayaraja
Lyrics : ?? ( View Lyrics )
Karaoke track :Remix of manisharma
Original singer : SPB
Cover : Sowmya


குப்பன்.யாஹூ said...

Once again you have come up with nice song.

The picture chosen for this song too very nice,

Riverbank, bringing cows for bath by a farmer nice.

Sowmya said...

Thanks much Kuppan :)

Ven Sharma said...

I cant believe the bass in your vocals. I just listened to your raja magal roja magal on Muziboo. I cant beleive the same person recorded both songs. God bless you akka. Keep up the good work.

Music has no barriers!

Sowmya said...

Ven Sharma Thanks much for listening to my songs and for the encouraging comments on that :)

Kumar said...

நீங்க தானா இது? இப்படியும் கலக்குவீங்களா? நம்பவே முடியல. செந்தூரப் பூவே கேட்டவுடனே அடுத்த இந்த சர வெடி...செம அசத்தல். நல்ல எக்கோ எஃபெக்ட்.

முதல் முறை கேட்ட போது இளையராஜா மீது அனுதாபமும் (ரீமிக்ஸ்) மீண்டும் இரண்டு முறை உடனே கேட்ட போது ஆகா, இதுவும் நல்லாத் தானே இருக்குன்னு தோனுது.

Agree with one of the comments on your muziboo site ...with this voice, you can do great work with the song "sapne boondhu boondhu..naino ko moondhu moondhu- Wake up Sid..Have you listened to that song?

Sowmya said...

Hey Kumar, Song kalakki irukku, I am just echoing it :) Paadinathu SPB la..

I dint listen to the song which you are mentioning..Moreover never planed any of my product, just going with the flow, No idea when and what happens when that flow comes :)

Hey..Thanks heaps for spending your time to listen to my songs, nice of you :)

Naveen said...

Chansae illae... semmae kalakal......aen ippadi oru aaasae.... Pinneteengae...

Sowmya said...

Naveen :D Nandri hei !