Friday, July 16, 2010

Thuli Thuli Thuli Mazhayai......

A soft romantic solo with pleasant string accompaniment and sharp rhythms. Haricharan’s rendering is clean and crisp. Tanvi is content with background humming. The second interlude without rhythms is soothing, could make a mark with smooth visuals. Loved Haricharan’s vibrotos and he could be called as sonu nigam of south…Just tried those vibrotos ….:D …A Lovey tune from yuvan ( might be… Suttatho…:P)

Somewhere listened to this tune…Reminding some western tune… Too much craze to sing this number…Male singers pardon me :D

Song : Thuli thuli
Movie: Payya
Music: Yuvan Shankar
Lyrics : Na.Muthukumar (View Lyrics)
Original : Haricharan
Cover : Sowmya


Anonymous said...

again great attempt on my favorite
song.! The Husky voice adds a different flavour to this song!

great experience!!

all the best!
rest i put it in my site...right?

Sowmya said...

Thanks Anon, but whoz you and not known any site of urs !

Kumar said...

Enjoyed listening. Great effect.

Sowmya said...

Thanks a lot Kumar :) glad u enjoyed it !