Monday, October 09, 2006

Unpaarvayil orrayiram..!!

Song : Unpaarvayil orrayiram..
Movie : Amman koyil kizhakkale
Originally by : Chitra
Music : Ilayaraja
Sung by : Sowmya

In this song "unpaarvayil" from the movie Amman koyil kizhakale.., chitra's performance is simply superb, the way she express the feel and the “gamagas” are remarkable compare to other singers.

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Muthu said...


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Kavitha Krishnamurthy's songs?
I believe it might suit you better than Janaki's song. But then it might just be my perception.

sowmya said...

hi muthu...thanks

sowmya said...

hi..i think,she has sung only hindi songs more.I will try those too.Thanks for the comments

SurveySan said...

very good song and very good singing.

I have linked it here

sowmya said...

Surveysan, thanks :)

sumaneesaranjan said...

wow raaga kalyani ,the starting bgm in harmonium touches heart

banu said...

wow.. very nice..

Anonymous said...

Really wonderful miss...even u sing chitra mam song,it sounds jaanu ma clearly...wonderful