Monday, March 30, 2009

Maadha un kovilil !

I specially want to share the news about this song which i read recently.

An unprecedented event took place in the history of Tamil films songs, and that has been very close to the heart of Ilayaraja. When Ilayaraja composed music for any song, he paid much attention to the singers that he selected.During this song recording something unexpected took place.

This song was practiced once and the next was to be the final take. The band was ready, and as soon as the cue was given they started to play the prelude. Things went well. S. Janaki started to sing. As soon as she went into the first charanam, the melody went haywire and the tune was off tangent. Then all of a sudden the musicians stopped playing. S. Janaki was blinking in shock. Raja was furious! They wanted to know what went wrong. From the recording room, he enquired as to why they all had stopped playing the music. As Raja approached the musicians, he was informed that they were completely mesmerised by the golden and most enchanting voice of Janaki that they forgot themselves and finally forgot the tune as well. Raja just smiled at S. Janaki and she very politely smiled with acknowledgement. This time they were set to record again. In the second recording all of them- S. Janaki and the musicians went one more scale higher to do a better job!. That song became a super hit.

S.Janaki is simply at her best.

song : Maadha unn kovilil
movie : Achaani
original by : S Janaki
cover: sowmya

I have a got the track of “Amma un pillai” which is a repetition of the song” Maadha un”.You may find some background singing of amma un pillai by sadhana sargam. It is a vocal cut track.Kindly bear with that. I couldnt stop singing after i got the track. I really enjoyed myself singing this song. I have already uploaded this song two years back, thats without track.

Hats off to raja n janumma !!


Vasupradha said...

The song was really nice...very soothing n calm song..


Priya said...

Hey Sowmya,
Wat a voice yaar!!Too good..excellent feel..Tho I haven heard te song b4,it sounded like original oly cuz its UR rendition!:)n I cud find very few mistakes like wen u sing upper notes like karai kandidathu 'odum thannirile' u get nasal..n a place in charanam too!!But by the end its oly ur feel and voice tat stays in mind!!

Sowmya said...

Hi Priya,

Lovely comments !! your pointers are noted and will work on it in future.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable comments :)

Vasu said...

Hi mami,
This song is soo melodious and've done a great job mami...

Venu said...

kalakkaringa sowmyajii,hats off

keep singing

Venu said...

kalakkaringa sowmyajii,hats off

keep singing

Sowmya said...

Hi Vasu..

Thanks a lot :) keep coming !


Hi Venu..

Thank you much ! Glad you liked it :)