Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Mudhan mudhalil .. !

No one can even believe Deva can produce such a tune that too in Hariharan’s voice, Chanceless composition, it occupied me for long period and after i listen to some male singers covering this song, popped up with the desire and I tried my way and just went with the flow in a take:D
Song: Mudhan mudhalil

Movie: Aaha
Music: Deva -——/\——— :D
Lyrics: Vasan (View Lyrics)
Original: Hariharan
Cover : Sowmya


Princess said...

i love this song..

thank u

Kumar said...

Deva lifted this whole song from Hindi...nevertheless a touching composition...Your voice sounds different here..nice n easy. Enjoyed it.

Was it Hariharan or Srinivas in this version?

Kumar said...

Youare right abt no one can belkieve Deva can produce such a

Sowmya said...

Princess, Thanks a lot

Kumar, Thanks much for listening :) and yeah, it s unbelievable :D