Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aalayamaniyin osaiyai... !

Simple melodious and haunting tunes in which simple orchestration
blends beautifully with the mood of the songs with simple(yet, powerful) and imaginative lines that immediately appeal to your heart. If you casually listen with your ears this song will not make any impact. But if you focus your heart on the song and listen carefully you will find it a wealthy experience.
Not a big fan of P.Suseela, hardly listen to her songs for her melo voice. Very less experience of listening to her songs.Just tried to do justice with this haunting melody.In fact,not a easy song for me to render with my voice :) Plz bear with the cracky track :(

Song: Aalayamaniyin
Movie: Paalum pazhamum
Music : MSV
Lyrics: Kannadasan (View Lyrics)
Original singer : P.Suseela
Cover : Sowmya


--βђάŘάťђ-- said...

Hmm..Nice Song and very good rendition..

Sowmya said...

Thanks Bharath :)

Vijitha said...

Nice song...