Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Suttum vizhi sudar thaan.. !

A Multifaceted personality and a born genius with his spontaneity attracts me more about Mahakavi, I would like to dedicate this humble rendition to that Mundasu kavi !

Lyrics: Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar (View Lyrics)
Cover: Sowmya


Parasmani said...

I liked the composition and the simple rendition with Tanpura, especially the aalaps.
Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar's lyrics are hard for me to appreciate as I do not know the language; but from your description, it is easy to understand that his work must be priceless.
By looking at the lyrics section, I realized that it has Karnatic label.

Sowmya said...

Paras, Its a classical based song and the lyrics was by our fame personality Bharathi who worked hard for women liberation ! I just love his poems and i do more classical singing on his songs only !

Please refer the following link to know more about him


Thanks a ton for ur nice feedback :)

Kumar said...

Enjoyed it...wonderful control. Bharati... anyday.

Have you done Theerthakkaraiyinilee already?

Sowmya said...

Kumar, No, I dint do that song yet, trying one by one here ! Thanks a lot for the encouragement :)


Have seen your comments on Think Loud this morning(of course I am a mad of this site- mines of information on fields and treasure of music)and immediately joined your site. Just Fantasic. All the very best.


Sowmya said...

Bhaskaran, Thanks much for those encouraging words ! Much appreciated !


Have spent quite sometime along with my daugthers listening to your music. Now for us it is very difficult to say which one is better whether your -carnatic music, remixes or the paintings. Simply Fantastic. Have one request - could you please try MS Meera Songs and DKPs Bharathiyar Songs. Incidentally have seen Sangeethapriya site - if not please visit and you will enjoy it.

Sowmya said...

Thanks much Bhaskaran Ji, overwhelmed by your nice words :) Will try to sing those songs in future !

Sowmya said...

Bhaskaran Ji, its a wonderful site, Thanks a ton to introduce that site to me :)

Yaadhum Aanavan said...

oh kee kee..ivlo naan indha paata ketkaama vitutene..romba azhaga iruku... bharathi oru nimisham vandhu rudhra thaandavam aaditu ponar..soopero sooper...bharathi paatu niraya paadunga :)


Sowmya said...

Yadhum aanavan unga nizhal la than avaru irukar nu theriuthu..:P..Eppothu vidiyal??//

Paaratuthalukku manam uvantha nandrigal pala.. :)