Thursday, August 09, 2007

Innisai paadi varum ..!

Starting with the super hit Pudhu Vasantham,
S.A.Rajkumar has delivered few more hits
like Thulladha Manamum Thullum,Unnaidathil
Ennai Koduthen and Suryavamsam. However,
the rest of his songs are full of his copies and
remixes of his own tunes as well as that of
other musicians. His style is to make slow
(sometimes morose) soft but repetitive songs
and to repeat one such song many times in the
film,to try and make it a hit. But all the songs
in this movie Thullatha manamum thullum
are great tunes.

Especially this “ Innisai padi varum" song and “irubathu
kodi nilavugal” are wonderful to hear.I tried my best to perform this song well. Chitra is marvelous :-)

Song : Innisai paadi varum
Movie : Thullatha manamum thullum
Music: S.A.Rajkumar
Lyrics: Vairamuthu (View Lyrics)
Originally sung by : K.S.Chitra
Sung by : Sowmya

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Thiru said...

Very nice... as usual!

Jenni said...

Very nice effort. I think that I havn't heard the original song before. Keep it up.

Ramesh said...

Thank god you did not include the Megamai vandhu pogiren song in your list. However I love the Irubadhu kodi nilavugal song.

S A Rajkumar does songs based on sivaranjani ragam once in a while. However it will be mixed with anya swaras. Some songs that come to my mind - paatu onnu naan paadattuma, aanandam aanandam paadum, some song in karthik-roja-vikraman film, etc. Innisai padivarum song also has a particular line in sivaranjani at the end of pallavi.

Yet to hear your version of the song.

Sowmya said...

hi thiru, Jenni, Ramesh

Thanks for the feed back :)

Murali said...

Ramesh :

He does most of his songs based on shivaranjani. And sometime they irritatingly repetitive.


Although I dont like this song very much, I must say you have done a fantastic job in rendering the song. brigha, sangathi ellam nandraaga irukku. Just one suggestion. Mudindha varai full throat open paNNi paadunga + plus azuththamaana pronunciation kodunga.

For e.g. you are singing : "innisai paadi varooon". Try to close your lips for varu"mm" and pronounce it fully. Maththapadi paattu nalla paadareenga.

Sowmya said...


Yeah, what you said is right :) I will note it with the next song of mine :) Thanks

Priya said...

Hello Sowmya,

I know your blog through Sk. I'm really intrigued with the number of songs you have in your site. Can u pls tell me where to find the karaoke or midi files? I'm interested in singing too. I have some files in odeo too. Here's the link:

Just some amateur try outs. But do pls tell me. My mail add is

Sowmya said...

hi priya,

Welcome to my blog.I found some interesting karokes from can registered there, as a user and you can download them.Most of the time, I get karokes CDs from the shops.