Thursday, December 03, 2009

Neeyindri naanum illai....

Certainly an attractive number if it can be called by such an epithet from the mega hit black buster music movie vaaranam ayiram. Harris Jeyaraj has given the right western touch to the pacey number but has ensured that the essential melody in it is not lost. S P B Charan’s clear, melodious voice revels in this tune, ably seconded by Clinton. And, in typically Harris fashion, it changes pitch as well and makes its mark.
Song: Oh Shanthi shanthi
Movie:Vaaranam Ayiram
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Lyrics: Thamarai ( View Lyrics)
Original Singers: SPB.Charan & Clinton
Cover : Sowmya
Harmony Vocals & Chorus : Sowmya
Mixing: Sowmya


N.V.Mani said...

Enjoyed listening your superb rendition of this wonderful song.
Thank you.

Sowmya said...

Thanks heaps Sir :) Glad you enjoyed it !

Priyanka said...

Sowmya, wonderful singing!

Just curious.. How do manage to do the recording? What microphone do you use? What's your setup like?

I have never been able to achieve this level of clarity when recording sounds.

Keep the songs coming, they're really very nice :)

Sowmya said...

Priyaka, Thanks for listening ! You need a good sound card first and a decent mic set up and a good recording s/w to do the mixing in the right preposition. I use adobe audition software and M audio sound card and Shure M58 microphone !