Monday, July 18, 2011

Ethrayo janmamaai

I fall in love with this song whenever i listen to this.The very first time when I listened it,it had a strong impact on me…Thanks to vidyasagar for this haunting composition aptly suited for the marvellous lyrics!
I gave it a try…
Song: Ethrayo Janmamai
Movie: Summer in Bethlehem
Music: Vidyasaagar
Lyricist: Gireesh Puthenchery
Original Singers: Sujatha, Srinivas
Cover: Sowmya
Ethrayo janmamai ninne njaan thedunnu
Athramel ishtamayi ninne enn punyame
Doora theerangalum mookathaarangalum
Kaattodu megham melle cholli
Snehaardhrametho swakaaryam
Maayunna sandhye ninne thedi
Eeran nilaavin paraakam
Ennennum nin madiyile paithalayi
Nee moolum paattile pranayamayi
Ninneyum kaaththu njan nilkave
Poovinte nenjil thennal meyum
Poornendu peyyum vasantham
May maasa raavil pookum mulle
Nee thannu theera sughandham
Ee manjum en mizhiyile mounavum
En maaril nirayumee mohavum
Nithyamaam snehamaai vannu njaan
For all the births that I have been in search for you !
my love for you has been as much, my sublime!
The shores afar, and silent stars, are witness (to my love).
The cloud gently whispered to the wind,
(love-filled) secrets, unknown.
The fading dusk searched for you,
(like you were) the moist moonlight.
(I want to be) forever, a child on your lap,
I want to be the love, in the song that you’re humming.
(as) I stand here, waiting for you.
The breeze enmeshes itself in the heart of the flower,
as the spring showers the light of the full moon.
Oh jasmine! blossoming in May, endless fragrance emanates from you.
This dew, and the silence in my eyes,
the desire that fills my self,
I come to you, as endless love.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Engeyum kaadhal

One of the recent super hit of Harris - Song resembles much like a hindi tune and of course with lot of influence from western numbers as usually:P..But Harris ..Thanks much for these tunes really made us to hum during long drive with family.Beautiful lyrics penned by the one and only Thamarai.. Wish to try it out when i find this track../Just done it on my own way (?)!!

P.S :Listening through headphone preferable !

Song: Engeyum kaadhal
Movie: Engeyum kadhal
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Lyrics: Thamarai (View Lyrics)
Original: Aalap Raju
Cover (Lead & Harmony & Chorus):Sowmya

Monday, July 04, 2011

Ayyayo nenju

Sothaiye ezhudhi vechidalam spb ku :D
Song : Ayayyo nenju
Movie: Aadukalam
Music: GV.Prakash
Lyrics: Snehan (View Lyrics)
Original singers: Dr.SPB,Junior spb,Prashanthini
Cover: Sowmya with Prashanthini

Friday, July 01, 2011

Aaro viral meetti

Only two three listening on this malayalam song made me crazy to sing this song at once …What a composition by vidyasagar,more raja’s influence found at the bgms…based on hamsanadham i think !Again the diction is the issue for me :D couldn’t wait to correct it by referring someone on it…Just going with the flow again…and did on my own way…
Movie Name: Pranaya Varnankal (1998)
Original Singer: Yesudas K J/ Chitra K.S
Music Director: Vidya Sagar (View Lyrics)
Lyrics: Girish Puthenchery
Cover : Sowmya