Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mukunda.. Mukunda... !

A terrific entry of Himesh Reshammiya for the tamil film Dasavatharam, is remarkable hit in the kollywood. Especially to say, the devotional song “Mukunda” in sadhana sargam’s voice is a fabulous , soothing song which was composed differently by him.The special features of this particular song is the picturesation and kamal’s voice at the end of this song is tremendous.

I have chosen this song specially dedicated to beloved “Mukund”

Hope you all listen to the song, and I’m awaiting to know about your feedback.

Song: Mukunda ! Mukunda!
Movie: Dasavatharam
Lyrics: Vaali (View lyrics)
Originally sung by: Sadhana Sargam
Singer: Sowmya


Harshan said...

Very well rendered Sowmya ...didnt know that Himesh is into Tamil movies.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rendition with lot of extra sangathis! Awesome..

keep them coming !

- pavan

prabu said...

Excellent...! (that old lady part as well... lol)

Naveen said...

Thats a wonderful singing sowmya.
I always liked your Thaalam thappaathadhu and enjoying the singing. I really enjoyed listening this song. Good.

Sowmya said...

hi harshan,

Nice to receive ur appreciation, Thanks :)


Hi Pavan,

Welcome :) Thanks for the feed back !

Sowmya said...

Hi Prabu ,

Vaangaa..vaanga ! How are you doing? Long time no see...

That old lady portion specially dedicated to u :P

Anonymous said...

Great singing again. That young lady part must be dedicated to me! (LOL)

Venu said...

Again a wonderful singing sowmyaji.I really enjoyed listening this song. Good.

Sowmya said...

Hey Nemits,

Thanks for the feedback :)


Hi Venu,

Thank you so much :)

isai said...

Hi sowmya,

Nice rendition of mukundha song.Can you pls share the karaoke track of ninathu ninaithu parthal,maalayil yaaro?
My ID meena_shanker2001@yahoo.com

Sowmya said...

hi isai..

I am not having ninaithu karoke track, I just sang it without music. I can give you malayil yaroo, the quality will be poor.hope you bear that :)

soppu said...

Hi soumya,

Lovely singing. Can you tell me which raga is mukunda mukunda song??

Keep going!!!

Sowmya said...

Hi Soppu, Thanks for listening and this song has some trace of sivaranjani raaga !

Anonymous said...

It's most certainly not sivaranjani. it sounds like Kapi.

Anonymous said...

Yhe raga is brindavana saranga

Anonymous said...

It shoud be in dwijawanthi.. just a guess..

Rajesh Ramanan said...

It's misra sivaranjani

Rajesh Ramanan said...

Misra sivaranjani

DEEPAK Kuppuswamy said...

Mukundha Mukundha song is composed in Kaapi Raaga