Monday, January 26, 2009

Paadu Nilaave

Ilayaraja, the legend beyond awards and titles, has given many ever green melodies and one of it is “paadu nilave” Listening to Raja’s composition in the nights is very addictive and at times it kindles your old memories as well. I can say, this song inspired me that much to start singing cini song in my childhood. A nostalgic presentation by S.Janaki and SPB.

Its a overwhelming opportunity to perform this song with the magical voice Arvind, who is very passionate in music and I astonished to see his swara gnyanam , writing swaras swiftly to any song. It’s a immense pleasure to sing with him. Thanks a lot Arvind ! for your dedicated contribution.

Hope you all listen to this rendition and gimme the feedback

Song: Paadu nilave
Movie: Udhaya geetham
Music: Mastero Ilayaraja
Originally sung by : SPB & S.Janaki
Lyrics:Vaali (View Lyrics)
Cover Version : Arvind & Sowmya


sukumar rajendran said...

what a song.. what a track..what a voice..what a feel..what a liked this song so much than any other song of urs..lovely one...

Naveen said...

Konjam gap vittutaenn.. Adhukullae 3 songs paadiyaacha!!!?
Excellent song and feel too..
Yes, as you said its a unarchivasapaduthum night song..:)

prabu said...


Ganesha Ram P S said...

Nice work as token of appreciation Since i do Audio Mastering i just enhanced audio quality for the same song those who want to download
the link:

Awatts said...

Long time since I heard this song and the emotions in your voice Sowmya were outstanding...the feel was perfect! Arvind has done a beautiful job on this song..

I thot the Poo Malare is actually Poo Malara...

கே.ரவிஷங்கர் said...


அட! நம்ம மேஸ்ட்ரோ பாட்டு.
நல்லா இருக்கு உங்க வாய்ஸ் வாழ்த்துகள்!


நல்லா இருக்கு.

Kumar said...

Wow! Great.

Subha said...


Thanks a ton for rendering this. Its one of my favorite of IRs. How true these words are, 'the man beyond awards and titles'. He has made influences in every one of our lives through his gems. I am a victim of that many times. I remember once SPB talking abt this song in an interview, where Vairamuthu had written Padu Nilave for both male and female voices and later it was changed as 'Padum Nilave'. For a long time I did not realize this difference. Think SPB got his 'Padum Nila Balu'title only after this song.

Coming to your rendition 'Melliya Mayiliragaal Varudiadhu Pol Irundhadhu'. Your expressions were too good.


Your voice was very soothing and loved your rendition. Keep them coming more.

TC Ratnapuri said...

Excellent emotional rendition by both of you. Loved it. Great song choice.

Venu said...

excellent sowmyaji & Aravind

Sundar said...

Sowmya, It's one my favorite songs. Nicely sung and rendered. Expecting more songs like this from you. Kudos to Arvind too

Rajesh Raman said...

Nicely Sung...! Keep Singing..:)

Sowmya said...

Sukumar --> Happy to know that you enjoyed this song. Thanks for the encouragement :)


Naveen --> Haha..Gap vidama varanum nu than :P

Thanks for the feedback :)

Sowmya said...

Prabu --> thks !


Ganesh --> Thanks for the time you spent on this song.That shows the real interest you have on music.

Its appreciable ! Thanks :)

Sowmya said...


Thank you so much for the feedback.!

Actually, both poo malara and poo malare are there in the songs. From Janaki - its Poo malara, and Frm SPB - Its Poo malare !


Ravi shankar,

Nandri :)

Sowmya said...

Kumar --> Thanks a lot :)



You must be a good writer too :)

//I am a victim of that many times //

Nice way you expressed !

//'Melliya Mayiliragaal Varudiadhu Pol Irundhadhu'. //

Padikarappove aananthama irukku :D
Itha vida azhagana comment enna irukku..

am very happy to receive such a comment Thanks yar :)

Sowmya said...

TCR --> Thank you so much :)


Venu --> Thanks for the regular visit and I am happy to receive the feedback from you people :)

Sowmya said...


Welcome to my blog and Its nice to have your comment here.

Thanks :)



Thanks a lot :)

Muthu Arasan said...

superb soumya

Sowmya said...


Thank you :)