Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kaatre en vaasal vanthay !

One of the very beautiful song by A.R.Rahman. He has chosen the apt singers for this song. kavitha krishnamurthi's shrilled voice made me to hear this song many more times. She has a special voice and only few songs suits her voice.

This time, I am performing this song with Naveen, who has a great passion towards music and he has a very good talent to sing Ilayaraja's song in ilayaraja's voice. I find no difference at all :)
I would like to thank him for the wonderful k track and he has done a good job in mixing and effects too.

Hope you enjoy the song !

Song : katre en vaasal vanthai
Movie : Rhytham
Music: A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu ( view Lyrics )
Originally sung by : unnikrishnan & Kavitha krishnamurthi
Sung By : Sowmya & Naveen

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Anonymous said...

Very nice singing.Is the karoke originol? How you got that.please tell me the address to get the karoke.

priya said...

Awesome as usual:)

Thiru said...

excellent again. good karaoke track, nice choice and voice suits very well for both you and Naveen. Keep them coming.

Jeevan said...

A soothing song itself... great effort both! :)

Sowmya said...


This karoke was done by the co singer Mr.Naveen. He extracted the music from the originol song.

Thanks for the comments :)

Sowmya said...

hey priya,

Thank u so much :)

hi thiru,

Thanks :)


Thanks for the comments :)

Sri said...

Sowmya both of you rocks.. great singing.

Harshan said...

Excellent effort at this beautiful duet. Though I am not familiar with a lot of tamil songs, I am familiar with this one :) ... I love songs from Rhythum especially thaniye shankar

Keep it rolling ... !!

TC Ratnapuri said...

Excellent Job both of you. Great song choice and rendition.

Sowmya said...

hi sri, harshan , ratnapuri

Thank you so much for your visit and for the comments :)

Arunk said...

Excellent! I wast sure it was you singing after just hearing Aagaaya Gangai - but I see from the comments. Nice voice modulation indeed and it suits you.

I have not heard this song before and I liked the usage of acoustic guitar.

Arunk said...

oops. left the previous comment under the wrong song! I meant those comments for Ondra renda. Sorry!

This one's nice too!

Sowmya said...

hey arun,

Happy to know that you enjoyed that song.Thanks for ur kind words :)

Deepak Roy Chittajallu said...

Nice job both of you .....

You have a very nice voice .... Quite similar to Kavita Krishnamurthy ..... :-)

Keep Singing !!!!



Sowmya said...

hi deepak,

You are most welcome.Thanks :)

Arun G S said...

Superb one Sowmya :-). Hope you remember me. This is really mind blowing. Your voice is too sweet and modulations are superb. You could do the Sangathis in an excellent and exceptionally good way. Keep it up. :-).
With Love,

Anonymous said...

Excellent rendition.. suits both your voices..
Would it be possible for you to send me the karaoke track to


sreejith said...

Hello Soumya...

Awsome performance by both esp u.....oh same voice like K.Krishnamurthy... may be little stability needed more... but may because of nervousness... be cool.
Could you please let me know from where you got the karaoke of this track?
or if you have one, can u e-mail that to me? my mailid is

Anonymous said...

You guys both sing very nicely!