Friday, November 24, 2006

Maalayil yaaro

Song : malayil yaaroo
Movie : Chathriyan
Originally sung by : Swarna latha
Music : Ilyaraja
Lyrics : Vaali

Swarnalatha, the national award winner for the film karuthamma
for the song "porale ponnuthayi" whose voice is magical. it is not
the conventional or typical voice you hear often. One of a special
and different kind.In this song Maalaiyil yaro, almost all notes are
high.She beautifully handled those with the depth.

Download here


Rajasekar said...

Great song! This is also one of the melodeous songs I used to hear oftenly. The mixing with your voice is matching well but, some external noice is there and it should be avoided when recording.

sowmya said...

hi rajasekar, ...i just tried singing with karoke, and i have to use filters in the software..will do...thanks

Anonymous said...



sumaneesaranjan said...

this is basically coposed on a raag sudha dhanyasi ,raja has coposed many number is this raga ,ragavane ramana,punjai undu nanjai undu ,puthiya poovithu ,but he always gives diff colors for all song ,god only knows who a person can imagine like this

i,me,my music said...

Hi Soumya, can u please share the k-track. Send to please?


Mohamed said...

"Maliyil yaro" song looks like mohanam.Not sudha Danyasi as
Sumaneesaranjan comments.


Anonymous said...

Very very melodius and haunting song by the Great Mastreo . Sad , he doesnt do much composing nowadays.

రానారె said...

The player is not playing the song. Probably the link is missing. Please correct.

Sowmya said...

Thanks every one listen to this number and for ur encouraging comments :)

@ రానారె - The player is perfectly okay at my end..Anywayz thanks :)