Friday, June 17, 2011

Otha sollaala

One of the latest sooper dooper hit on the national award winning movie…A stylish folk as well a standard maintained which really haunted my heart with nice beats. I love this song to dance even :D After Raja, G.V Prakash produce these kinda tunes , the healthy gesture on folk songs. I couldn’t find a track, made a loop on my own and tried it…tremolo on rhythm pushed me to makeup those two places :D .I couldn’t resist doing this song when I found a bit track…here it is…

Song : Otha sollaala
Movie : Aadukalam
Music: G.V.Prakash
Lyrics: Yegadasi (View Lyrics)
Original singer: Velmurugan
Cover : Sowmya 


Revathi Vasanth said...

Oh my god Sowmya. Your enthu and energy is just amazing. Base vocals were fab.. very unique talent there!


Sowmya said...

Thank you very much Revathi :)

Naveen said...

Awesome... easily managed the wide scale. I believe its the reverb effect. Am I right?