Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pillai nila !

I present here ,one of my favorite song"Pillai nila" from the movie " Neengal kettavai" Entire movie lay in this theme song. Janaki's voice added its beauty to the song and The movie has more number of best tunes like" O..vasantha raja" Its the all time ever green hit of Ilayaraja

I am very much thankful to my friend Ganesh, who gave me the track and he also contributed the mixing . Thank you so much yar ... ! Hope you all listen and give me the feedback :)

Song : Pillai nila
Movie: Neengal kettavai
Music: Ilayaraja
Lyrics : (View Lyrics)
Originally sung by : S.Janaki
Performed by : Sowmya


Archith said...

Dear amma,
your blog is very beautiful and you have sang this song very nicely.

Nandita said...

Very nicely sung Sowmya! And lovely pic too :).

Harshan said...

Nice singing Sowmya ..though not all familiar with the song:-)

Very expressive indeed.

prabu said...

very nice... one of my favorites!

Sowmya said...

Heyyy Archithaa...

Its a great surprise and I not even thought you place your comments here.

Hugs & Kisses


Sowmya said...

Hi nandita,

Thank you so much for listening..and for the feedback :)

Hi Harshan,

Thanks for the patience you have, even the song is unfamiliar to you


Sowmya said...


Nice to see you here. Thanks :)

Naveen said...

Excellent melody.
Very well sung by both of you.
The voice volume is bit high and low in places.Vol normalising would help.Arun has a very good voice and this performance is really awesome.

Naveen said...

Flawless rendition.
Nice feel...

Kumaran said...

You have a very unique and expressive voice, enjoyed listening to this one :-)

Sowmya said...

Naveen, how are you. Thanks for the feedback :)


Hi kumaran,

Welcome ! Thanks :)

Vikram said...


Awesome singing and really appreciate your choices of songs.keep singing and make us happy.

- vikram

TC Ratnapuri said...

Great Song Sowmya. I love this song and loved your version as well. Excellent emotions and modulations.

Sowmya said...

Hello vikram..

Thank you so much for the kind words :)


Thanks for the valuable feedback :)