Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nenjiniley ! Nenjiniley..

Like Rahman’s previous musical landmarks, the songs of uyire flow out of the soundtrack in epic proportions. In parts, typically Rahmanesque and in parts innovative. Vairamuthu
supports with simple, none too complex lyrics. Actually my favourites are “ Poonkaatriley “ and “ Nenjiniley”

S.Janaki had done a impressive job ,vocatively expresses her angst and restlessness in that song. The karoke track which I have got is just blank with no chords in the charanam portions. I somewhat managed to sing that with the shruthi..May be, you can find some fractional off , here n there.

Please Listen to the song at your convenience and gimme your valuble comments.

Thanks !

Song: Nenjiniley nenjiniley
Movie: Uyire
Music: AR Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu (View Lyrics)
Original by : S.Janaki & M.G.Sukumar
Cover : Sowmya

Happy Valentine's Day


இசைச்சாரல் said...

Hi Sowmiya....

Its one of my fav. song in Uyirae movie. Good song selection!, Good Mixing!, Nalla padi irukeenga.The track quality also very nice!Weldone. Niraya padi upload pannunga.


Subha said...

Awesome Sowmya. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Suresh said...

Hi sowmya,

U r too good as usual....i voice has power to create magic...keep going

Wish you good luck!!

Geetha said...


Listened to the song. Very nice. Sing more songs...


Anonymous said...

Hi! I was searching for the raga of analmele and was forwarded here..what a pleasant surprise. I am from Toronto now, but ex Hosur(1991 - Titan) :)

Well, the question i have is when you say cover by, is that your painting?

I do hv a lot of thoughts on your sister sites as well, will be in touch.


p.s - humbled by your talents, hope to learn a lot.

isai said...

Awesome yaar:-)..Keep posting more..

Venu said...

Last 10 days I was out of station, athukkulle 3 puthu varavu, great sowmyaji !!!!!!

smooth rendition by both of you. Very very nice. Expecting more songs

chella said...

::sugamana paadal::.

i am inviting u to visit my blog and leave ur foot prints...

.::Music My Breath::.

Sowmya said...

Hi Spidy - Thank you so much :)

Hi Suresh - Thank you :)

Hey geetha - Welcome :)Thanks for the feedback. Do visit often

Sowmya said...

Hi Ravi,

Nice to know about you. Only the singing is mine :) Thanks !

Hi Isai/ Meena - Thank you :)

Sowmya said...

Hi Venu

Thanks for those encouraging words:) Will do it


Hi Chella

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You could definitely do better.. take a look here for how to sing a song ;-)

OMG.. that song... sillendra theepori... your voice gives it such a rendition... my goodness.... sowmyaaa.... you're killing me with that voice and that song... toooo good... you have an amazing voice...

Priya said...

U have a beautiful voice sowmya..i have heard few of ur songs posted here..brilliant!!Coming to nenjinile,to be honest,u can do it much better in terms of pronunciation,pitching(in very few places).pls do work with the strain in your voice..Otherwise,U Rock :)

TC Ratnapuri said...

Superb Singing Sowmya. Loved it.

Sowmya said...

Hi Anon..

Thank you so much for this feedback. I am honoured by your comparison of my own singing. And I accept this song is not upto that level of original and I found the track with no chords to cope up.

I try to do justice to all of my songs here.Do visit and giving your feedback is highly appreciable.

Thanks :)

Sowmya said...

Hi Priya, thanks for stopping by and giving your feedback.I appreciate it.Hope you got the reason and I also mentioned it in my description.:)

Do visit and gimme your feedback !

Sowmya said...

Hey TCR,

Thanks for the comment.I'm glad you liked it :)

Priya said...

Keep singing! :)

And am new to visit my blog n check out my songs wen u get time

Priya said...

Keep singing! :)

And am new to visit my blog n check out my songs wen u get time

Sowmya said...

Thanks for those words priya :)

Vasupradha said...

Hi Mami,
Your have a great voice...amazing performance...kudos!!!!!!!!!

Sowmya said...

Hey Vasu :) Thank you !!