Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sollatha sollil - Anirudh's haunting tune - My vocals

It’s a great pleasure to sing for a new composition, kindled the real talent and it’s a wonderful chance to observe what kind of efficiency we have within ourselves as a singer. A fantastic haunting melodious composition by Anirudh Ks ,loved those strings and it made me to penned the lyrics for the song. I really enjoyed working with him. He allowed me completely to establish my own ideas with the entire song.
Thanks a ton for the great opportunity Anirudh, I am very a happy, the song sounded too good with your remarkable mixing effects :)

Lyrics :
Sollaatha sollil sonnaye !
Kannale nee enai maraithai…
Ennakul naane unarnthene !
Unnidam nan enai tholaithene !
Nenjam sonnathu un vaarthai theduthu !
Thanjam Nee ena – manraaduthu !
nee than enthan kaarkaalam !
ennodu vaa oorkolam !
Ennakul naane unarnthene !
Unnidam nan enai tholaithene !
Soll….aaruyire – oru
Soll….enadhuyire !!

Song : Sollatha sollil - Copy righted
Composer : Anirudh Ks
Lyrics: Sowmya
Vocal : Sowmya
Chorus & Harmony : Sowmya
Mixing : Anirudh Ks


N.V.Mani said...

Very melodious. Sweet voice.
Blend of music with lyrics ..just superb.
Enjoyed listening.
Thank you.

Sowmya said...

Thank you very much Sir, Very glad you liked my singing :)

Venu said...

Very nice sowmyjii

--βђάŘάťђ-- said...

To say the song was mesmerizing is an understatement!
Please apply and obtain copyrights for this song :)

Sowmya said...

Sure Bharath :) Thanks much !!