Thursday, September 17, 2009

June ponal July Kaatre... !

A western melody with perfect beats, the song has good orchestration which is a hallmark of Harris Jayaraj’s songs. Leaving his signature in the song, the music-composer has managed to ensure that lyric and the music go hand in hand. Krish and Arun have rendered their best. Beautiful lyrics by Pa.Vijay !
Harris Jayaraj, a man of few words, has once again allowed his music to speak. I fell in love with this song and we the family sings this song in a chorus, we never left this song should be heard without our voices :D
I dedicate this song to the director jeeva, who had successfully made to reach his grooving thoughts by films, 12B and unnale unnale stamped up his unique thinking to public.
I think, only with this song, I worked a bit in mixing ! Tried my level :)

Song : June ponal
Movie: Unnale unnale
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay (View Lyrics)
Original singers : Krish & Arun
Cover Version : Sowmya
Harmony & Chorus : Sowmya
Mixing : Sowmya … :D


--βђάŘάťђ-- said...


Request :-
Can you try Unnakkena Naan from Kadhalil Vizhunden..? Of course, only if you like the song and take requests! :-)


--βђάŘάťђ-- said...

BTW - The cover is amazing .. :D

Sowmya said...

Bharath :) Thank you very much, Will surely do that song, have to find the track !

Naveen said...

Wow Such a nice singing and excellent effects. Visiting after a long time. Thumps up..Cheers

rajeevonv said...

Enjoyed this song very much. You have a Bombay jayasree touch to your singing...

Sowmya said...

Hey Naveen, Long time no see ! Nice to know you liked this rendition :) Thanks a lot !

Hi Rajeev, Nice to see you here :) Very glad you liked this rendition of mine !That too Bombay Jayshree touches, touched by those words :) Thanks a lot !