Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ovvoru pookalume... !

Once you define a new direction, you must have the confidence to begin. Too many hopeful dreams never happen because of fear or lack of confidence. Don’t worry about how it looks. Focus instead on what interests you and on being the person you are or wish to become

This is what this song is about..

National award winning song written by Pa.Vijay. Chithra won a National Film Award for her performance of this song.lyricist Pa. Vijay won a Silver Lotus Award for the song the same year 2004

I tried this song at one take recording. For the very first time,mid night rec. I have done my singing and mixing within 15 minutes..Phew // Rolling eyes myself :D taking the pride huh..:P

Song : Ovvoru pookalume
Movie: Autograph
Music: Bharatwaj
Lyricist: Pa.Vijay (View Lyrics)
Original Voice: K.S.Chitra
Cover : Sowmya

Ovvoru pookalume - Autograph - Sowmya Cover | Online recorder


Anonymous said...

Very, very nicely done. I haven't heard the original too many times, but excellent voice timbre. Great attempt.


Sowmya said...

Thank you Nandu :)