Monday, February 02, 2009

En kanmani un kaadhali !

En Kanmani' is a very sweet 70s love song, where Maestro has used the Counterpart theme in the pallavi. He started the echo recording from this song and this is a musical
Treat with the dialogues by Kovai Balu, and ofcourse P.Suseela & SPB have sung excellently with rhythmic. Raja has used this same technique in the song “ Poonthalir aada” too.
Even the picturization is adds up the beauty to the song. Pallavan bus with all kind of disturbances, gives a nostalgic trip down the Mount Road.And I really miss the dialogues in this song “Teynampet supermarket erangu!!! polaam rights !! are my favourite :D

I performed this song with Sriram srinivasan, a friend from Muziboo. Hope you all listen to the song and give me the feedback.

Song : En kanmani kaadhali
Movie: Chittukuruvi (1970)
Music : Mastero Ilayaraja
Lyrics: Vaali ( View Lyrics)
Singers: P.Suseela & S.P.Balasubramanian
Cover by : Sriram srinivasan, Sowmya


Awatts said...

Sriram sounds Awesome..nearly like original...barely able to differentiate..Keep it up Sriram!!

Sowmya looks like you are on a roll here...good job.

This is a personal fav song of mine...was hoping to hear the bus conductor whistle and bus stop names :)

Bala gopal said...

Lovely to hear old melody with fresh voices. Brilliant and smooth rendition by both of you.

Keep them coming guys.

Kalyanasundaram said...

Sriram - you have well versed voice.Can be better, if you sing all the nuisances of the song

Sowmya - Your emotions and the modulations are top. Can be better, with a throw.

Best wishes.

Vijay said...

Thanks Uma. Nice service....

Subha said...


Awesome rendition. What sets you apart in the music blogging wolrd is your song selection. Personally I am very happy to know somebody who is a fanatic of Raja sir (Hope you are). On a judgemental note, I thought you could have avoided the nasal tone as it was dominating. Esplly. the prologing of 'm' sound in Enai Parthadhum. Mixing was fantastic.

Sriram, your an SPB clone. Think we have met earlier. Infact we have done a concert together at Raja Annamalai Mandram, Chennai. I was part of Melki Raja Orchestra then. Hope you remember.

Sundar said...

Sowmya and Sriram,
Nicely Sung. Very happy to hear this song after a long time. But missing the dialogues "Nalla sonnel pongo", "Indhamma karuvaatu kooda munnadi po".

Sowmya said...

Hi Awatts,Bala gopal, Klayana sundaram,Vijaym, shuba, sundar

Thank you so much for your time you spent here to given me your valuable feedback :)

Shuba - your point is noted, and its becoz of the diction and i am trying to overcome it as soon as possible.

Thanks :)

Indiatastes said...

hi sowmya your voice is super.
Sriram voice is very very super. nice voice. keep it up.

Sowmya said...

@ India tastes - Thank u so much :)

Anonymous said...

Sriram Awesome..A great treat to my ears..almost sounds original.You have the great influence of SPB!

Sowmya Wow! u have done your job too well.
This is one of the fav song of mine.
Together you both are marvellous!

Sowmya said...

Thanks Princess :)

EnGeetham aka "My Song!" said...

Hey, this is a great song... I'm re-discovering the song after a while !!

I'm not a musical expert, but I thought it was well sung... Sriram is great at lower pitch and sowmya is great at higher pitch... when it get switched, the voice seems to break down a bit...

Great stuff though - I think Illayaraja used the 'voice-over' technique for the first time here; probably the first time in tamil cinema...

Manick said...

lovely !!!

Sowmya said...

En geetham , agree with your pointer, thanks for listening and for the comments :)

Manick, Thank you :)