Monday, January 07, 2008

Dum maro dum !!!

One more hindi song from me, is my favourite ’ Dum Maro Dum ’ the most successful and popular Hindi song ever. It’s psychedelically shot and danced to. It’s a perfect merge of Western rock music and Indian vocals .Asha Bhosle’s imitation of the wavering bass line still has the ability to send shivers down the spine. I think it’s a song which will never be forgotten, it’s simmering electric fire. I enjoy singing this song. Hope you people too.

Song : Dhum maro Dhum
Movie: Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971)
Singer: Asha Bhosle
Music Burman R D
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi (Lyrics )
Performed by: Sowmya
Mixed By : Ganesh


Shrav said...

Hi Hi Sow.. not like few earlier songs.. words falling cleanly... as usual with nice rythm... nice to hear.. visiting blogs after many days.. bollywood-la also erangiteenga pola.. haha.. voice suits to bollywood better than kollywood.. pesaama mumbai shift aagunga.. hehe.. hindhi tution poreengalo.. or self?

Venu said...

Excellent Sowmyaji
...keep it going..

Harshan said...

Sowmya ...excellent rendition ...beautiful throw and voice modulations.

As I have said many times earlier, you have a very distinct and powerful should sing more songs in this genre.

Have a great 2008.

Suganswami said...

Hi Sowmya,

Great yaar!

Soumitra said...

Really enjoyed your version :) Nice energy ...mixing was good too :) Better diction will further enhance your rendition :)

Paras said...

Good voice, energy and very good grip on rhythm.

TC Ratnapuri said...

Excellent Singing Sowmya. Smooth and free flowing, powerful rendition.

Naveen said...

Enna madam....
Unusual silence!!!!
Busy aaaiteenga poola irukae????

Sowmya said...

Hey Shrav,

Welcome ! :)

Appo kollywood padatheenga nu solreengala ...Ha ha...ungala pinee eppdi punish panratham ! :P

Thanks for the points ! Noted down :)

Sowmya said...

Hey Venu,

How are you doing :) Thanks for the feedback.

Sowmya said...

Hi Harshan,

Thanks for the feedback. Even I love to sing more hindi numbers :)

Sowmya said...

Hi Soumitra,

Very happy to receive your comments on this song. I will improve the diction as you said. Thanks :)

Sowmya said...

Hi Paras,

Welcome to my blog. Nice to have your feedback on this hindi song. Thanks :)

Sowmya said...

Hi TCR, Suganswami

Thank you so much for your valuable comments :)

Sowmya said...

Hi Naveen ! Vanga :)

Konjam busy than health wise :)

Will come back soon.

Thanks for the concern :)

Arun G S said...

Superb one. The chorus is given by you only , or it was in the track? Your voice is so powerful. Enjoyed it!!!
With Love,

Darvin said...

Hi, This is my favorite song. Licely sung....!!

Sowmya said...

Hi Arun,

Chorus was done by me, with multi tracks :)

Thanks !


Hi Darvin,

Thank you :)