Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ennavale by Suresh Kumar..

I would like to introduce Mr.Suresh Kumar, a young chap who is an upcoming budding artist. He has a great passion towards music. He is presenting one of his favourite song Ennavale. First time I am hearing this song in his voice. Amazing..! brikas..I dont believe. He dint even learn classical music. I am very happy to introduce him to you people. Hear his song and drop your valuable comments and encourage this budding singer.

Song: Ennavale..
Movie: Kathalan
Music: A.R.Rahman
Originally sung by : Unni krishnan
sung by : Suresh Kumar


Harshan said...

Suresh very good effort with this difficult song...this is one of the tamil songs which I am familiar with. Unnikrishnan has sung this like a whisper ..where as you have sung this with open throat ...good going !! keep singing ..

Thiru said...

Nice singing Suresh. karaoke sounds fresh. expecting more songs. (I couldn't play the song from pickle player widget in my firefox browser in three attempts at different timings... check it!) I played it directly from the source.

Suresh kumar said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement harshan

Suresh kumar said...


We tried to put some other player.but things are not working out. Let us try to rectify the problem. Thank you so much for the patience and for the precious time you spent on this.

Suresh kumar said...

hi thiru,

I have changed the player. Hope you can hear the song using the player. Thanks for the information.

Thiru said...

Hi Suresh thats a very prompt response. Now it is fine. ODEO player works well. Good work.

pria said...

Nice voice indeed:)

Jeevan said...

Beautifully singed Suresh, so melodies Best to u:)

Suresh kumar said...

Thanks for the encouragement pria and jeevan

balar said...

Very well done Suresh..Excellent voice and well suited with Unnis voice..

Keep rocking..:)

Suresh kumar said...

Thank you so much for your kind words balar

Narasimha Rao said...

Nice One..
Will it be ok for you to share the karaoke file..have been trying this for ages?
Kindly send if possible to